I am obsessed with Pakistani Dramas. I watch almost all of them on YouTube not on live TV because I feel it’s easier for me to watch them when I want and when I have time, without ads (on Android. With ads on TV). So it just works for me really well.

In order of preference, following are the dramas that I absolutely loved watching:

    1. Mere qatil, mere dildaar
    2. Udaari
    3. Cheekh
    4. Ehd-e-wafa
    5. Suno chanda (part 1)
    6. Besharam
    7. Bilqees Kaur
    8. Ranjha ranjha kardi
    9. Ye raha dil
    10. Yakeen ka safar
    11. Maat
    12. Laaj 
    13. Daldal
    14. Kankar
    15. Pani jesa pyar
    16. Sammi
    17. Angan
    18. Seeta bagri
    19. Dureshehwar
    20. Khasara

In order of preference, following are the dramas I absolutely hated watching:

  1. Nazr e bad
  2. Mann mayal
  3. Akhri Station
  4. Sadqay tumharay
  5. O Rangreza
  6. Sanam
  7. Dillagi
  8. Gul-e-Rana
  9. Tumhari Mariam
  10. Pakeeza
  11. Bunty I love you
  12. Gustakh Ishq
  13. Surkh Jora
  14. Bari Aapa
  15. Saya e deewar bhi nahi

Recommendations from my Live session

After publishing this article, I went live on Instagram to discuss dramas with you and I’m happy that you all recommended a lot of dramas to me. Following is a list of dramas you recommended and I will slowly try to watch these:

  • Akbari Ashghari – Seen now. Loved it. The BayJee’s character was classical. Absolutely loved it.
  • Jackson Heights – Seen now. Loved it. Different and interesting drama.
  • Mann Pyasa – Currently watching
  • Aatish
  • Dastaan
  • Ghughi
  • Guest House
  • Baydardi
  • Mere Khudaya
  • Goya
  • Meri Gurya
  • Mohabat subh ka sitara hai
  • Shehzori – Haseena Moin
  • Tanhaiyan
  • Angan Tera – Anwar Maqsood
  • Qurban – Iqra Aziz
  • Mein khyal hoon kisi aur ka
  • Guzarish
  • Aahat – Sania Saeed
  • Pyar lafzon mein kahan – Turkish
  • Ki jaana mein kon
  • mere humdum mere dost
  • Diyar-e-Dil
  • Lamhay
  • Aitraz (Imran abbas, Sania Saeed)
  • Aap k liye
  • Mein Sitara
  • Dastaan
  • Veena – Fahad Mustafa

Let’s hear it from you

  • Which dramas did you love watching?
  • Which ones didn’t you like watching?
  • Is your list similar to mine?
  • Should we recommend each other our favorite ones?
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  1. Akhri station was an amazing compilation of different stories basically what women in our society go through… i lovedddd it

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Yeah it was well made. But it was very serious. :/

  2. Why you didn’t like sadqay tumhare and Bunty iloveyou

    1. Kuch baat nahi bani mere liye un donon ki :S

  3. Love to watch Mera Rab waris, must watch it.

    1. Exactly what I’m watching now. Loving it. thank you

  4. Do watch Daam.. beautiful story !!

    1. Saw it. yes it was good.

  5. Correction please, ye raha dil ” ye mera dill”
    Btw i love watching dur e shehwar . But after 10 episodes others episodes are not uploaded on youtube yy the user. Niwni will start watching kankar. Thanks for this blog. Really needed it.
    Btw My 3 years old son loved watching nyra on your stories. Whenever i grab my phone and unlock it he waits for me to open Instagram and saw your cutiee pie 🙂

    1. Aw so cute! glad you liked the drama reviews

  6. mere humdum mere dost and ab dekh khuda kia krta he is also good… and of course that old sitcom family front uski kia hi baat ti 😏

    1. thanks . for sure.

  7. You must watch Atif if you haven’t . It’s my favorite from this year

    1. Yes it was nice.

Your feedback please?