Is social media consistency becoming stressful for you?

Do you want someone to manage it, so you can focus on your business?

Do you dream of quality, consistency & engagement that actually boost sales?

If yes, then why don’t you let me handle your Instagram & manage it in the most professional way? 

It is VITAL for all companies to be on social media today. But managing it can be so overwhelming especially when you have to manage every bit of your business too. I can help!

I offer a monthly management plan where I handle all posting on your Instagram. 

If you would rather see a video about it

I manage all its content calendars, scheduling, publishing, promoting (up to 5 stories a month on my platform of 122,000+ followers), and auditing (improving bio, feed, posts etc). This is for around 3 posts every week. All content is pre-approved from you before publishing. If you’re interested in more details about how this works, please see the fine print below:

What it Includes

  1. Creating, scheduling & publishing posts (about 2-4 a week). Most posts would be photos but they can include up to 1 video (inc. Reel) a week. In case 2-3 are videos and about 1 post a week is photos, then quote will be increased by $30 monthly.
  2. Software membership cost that helps me publish at a time that suits your timezone.
  3. Design software cost (Paid Canva) that helps me create the best social media images for you.
  4. Creating & updating shared cloud folder with access to all files that we need including samples, content ideas, content calendars, photography tips, audit, tips for growing your brand, increasing engagement, story inventory, competitor analysis etc.
  5. Stories: I will share new post alert stories & reshares of posted posts on stories. But other story posting isn’t included in this basic package. I will also guide you with detailed documentaion (inc. samples) on how to make better stories from your side.
  6. Video Editing: This package only includes 2 videos’ editing in a month. If you want more video editing for your social media here is its price. If you send edited videos (up to my satisfaction, I’ll share ideas/best practices/guidance).
  7. Audit: An Instagram detailed audit where I share ideas on how we can improve your bio/feed/profile & make the changes after your approval.
  8. Not covered: DM replies & post comments aren’t covered in this package. I can share ideas on how to increase engagement.
  9. Reshared to other social media platforms: My publishing software can also reshare all your posts to your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok (only up to 2 in this package). Any post that requires me to publish manually (because of platform updates) will not be posted automatically to other platforms.


$430 CAD Per Month

At least 6 months contract with 2 months notice period. 1st paid month is for preparation & is charged $350 after discount
  • This does not include any transfer fees
  • Must be transferred to my Canadian bank account or my PayPal
  • After 1-2 months, price quote is adjusted depending on less/more work required
  • If I’m working with your graphic designer, then it makes it a managerial role & extra correspondence with him is charged $55 extra ($485 monthly).
  • We can easily customize this quote according to your need and budget. It can go up or down based on post frequency (2-7 posts a week) & post type (static post or Reels)
  • I’m currently not offering this service to clients who pay me in Pakistan as I have to pay the monthly software price in Canadian dollars.


  • Time to create content calendars and brainstorm ideas
  • Paid software Pro price that helps me publish at your engagement peak times
  • Coming up with unique, efficient content through research, coordination & brainstorming sessions
  • Time spent in coordination and meetings for the project
  • Competitor analysis and keeping in touch with the latest trends and news
  • In case you want to see samples of my Content Calendars, let me know


  • The first month is the preparation month where:
    – Content is planned ahead & a strategy is created
    – All shared documents are created (content calendars, content ideas, credentials, audit, competitors etc),
    – All accounts are set up
    – All accounts are integrated in publishing software
    – Posts are prepared & approved for publishing
    It is charged as its a full working month even though actual publishing starts from next month.
  • After 6 month contract, a notice period of 2 months is required. Whenever you decide to terminate our agreement, I will need 2 months’ notice (as I prepare posts roughly 2 months ahead & prepay for your publishing software). So it’s not fair to cancel the agreement abruptly without any notice. If you break the 6-month contract or quit after that without any notice, then you MUST pay the penalty of one month’s services. 
  • As soon as we agree to start, I will send you the contract that must be signed electronically signed before we proceed.
  • I can make basic social media images like collages, add frames, picture editing, insert text, using Canva, Vista Create templates but I am not a graphic designer. So I can make basic designs. If you connect me to your graphic designer to get each image designed by him, it’ll be a managerial role & will be charged more.

How it Works

  • I will request for Media files (photos, videos) that would be used for content calendars. The higher quality media is sent, the better the feed will look. We can create good captions including (Material, price, best part of the product, why it’s a must-have)
  • I will create a shared folder where we can save all our relevant documents
  • I will share ideas and request for relevant material in advance
  • I will make monthly content calendars which will be shared with you in advance
  • Every week’s content calendar will be pre-approved before posts are published
  • All facts, information & media to be used will be shared by you way in advance but I will create/edit and suggest captions
  • I will promote your IG profile on my stories @nadiyanajib up to 5 times a month
  • I try my best not to work on weekends and I like to pre-plan all work in advance. Working on next weeks’ content calendars works best with least stress. Except for spontaneous posts (eg. If an unusual sale suddenly comes up or something like that.
  • After the first 2 months, we discuss each other’s concerns (if any) & adjust work/routines accordingly.
  • I would like a free hand so I can handle the page in the best way possible. Too much micro-management will take away the freedom that is needed for creativity. However, if you have any concerns/issues that I should keep in mind, I will make sure to work within those boundries.

Book This Service

If you are interested in this service, please let me know as follows and we can start working on it ASAP.

I will be waiting for your message.


My interest in digital marketing is backed up by 13+ years of corporate & business work experience and 20+ books I have read. I am so passionate about websites and social media. For the past 4 years, I have been helping hundreds of small businesses all over the world with my expertise.

My monthly management clients

Instagram Post Samples

Client Testimonials

Nadiya Najib took the charge of our Instagram handle on July 1st 2022 & to date she has helped us with our Clothing business growth over social media (Instagram) which was a tough task because previously our Instagram page was struggling.

She has a lot of experience & ideas all the time which are different than others in the market. We have given all rights to our Instagram page to her and honestly, she did it like her own business. Every time she wants to try different things on our page which are cost-effective and gives us a really good response.

She guided us how to take pictures, make videos and be professional in everything. She is really organized and helpful in every way. Keep it up like the way you are managing. I have already recommended her to some businesses and will do it in the future too.”

Taimur Habib, a branded clothing retail business owner at Ponys.Clothing based in Lahore, Pakistan.

“Your work experience, proficiency & command in the marketing field has impacted our business positively and our team has learned many things working under your supervision. We want to thank you for your exceptional services and skills in digital marketing. We look forward to working with you again & we hope we can count on you for your astounding services”

Zisfone, a telecom company based in New York, USA

“Thank you for managing Promenade’s Insta account so professionally & aesthetically. I love how relatable, organic and ‘from the heart’ your posts are. I really appreciate all your help. Thank you for being my mentor and support through the launch in Pakistan and marketing in the US. I have learned so much from your tips and direction💕”

Hira Hussain, a skincare business owner at From the Promenade based in Houston, Texas, USA.

“Nadiya pushes me out of my comfort zone but she’s just who I needed. Love her initiative and so grateful to have her as my social media manager❤️. If you guys enjoy my new up-leveled IG she’s definitely the one to thank for it. 🥰 Will always appreciate every single thing she did for Tea for Turmeric”

Izzah Cheema, a food business blog owner at Tea For Turmeric based in Houston, Texas, USA

My Work Samples


If you’d like to get in touch, please send me an email at [email protected]

Why you should invest in social media?

Following are the benefits of investing in social media for your business:

  1. Builds brand awareness
  2. Increases your customer base
  3. Connects and engages with current customers
  4. Offers a fast and cost-effective means of communication
  5. Reaches your target audience
  6. Enhances brand loyalty
  7. Promotes networking and development of partnerships
  8. Establishes you as a thought leader and identifies & connects with influencers
  9. Helps stay on top of industry news & competition
  10. Aids targeted advertising and retargeting
  11. Facilitates getting and giving product and service referrals and reviews
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