We are celebrating the nations birthday today so its natural to feel the sense of nationalism. Through this article, I want to encourage patriotism all year long.

“Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” Adlai Stevenson


Each one of us has a duty to be a responsible citizen. We have legal, social and moral obligations which we owe to our country that has given us everything, above all the freedom to reside in it as and when we want. Even for all those who have left the country, Pakistan is always a backup plan in case everything else fails, they always have a home to come back to. Pakistan is our abode; haven, land and address. No matter how many Nationalities we get on paper, we can never be a part of them. This is where we fit in. This is where we belong.

I just wanted to share some ideas today on how we can be patriotic throughout the year.

18 Ways to Serve Pakistan This Year

1. Obey Laws

  • Rules exist only for us
  • Every law has a purpose
  • Let’s be good citizens and obey laws

2. Be Patriotic

  • Take pride in Pakistan
  • No ridiculing/taunting: only solution oriented debate
  • Don’t be a hypocrite by backbiting it
  • Focus on Pros & glass half full
  • Remind ourselves of the positives
  • Never complain about its issues

3. Keep Pakistan Clean

  • Dispose off garbage in it’s proper place
  • Do not spit anywhere other than a wash basin
  • Do not pee any where other than a washroom flush
  • Pull the flush every time you use public toilets. In case it doesn’t work, pour water in it
  • Use recyclable products in everyday life
  • After using public toilets, wipe off water from sink and flush to keep it dry
  • Volunteer for cleaning initiatives

4. Stay in Pakistan to Serve it

  • You can serve your country in the best way by working in it (I tried my best to convince my husband to stay)
  • Running away from Pakistan is not the answer
  • The educated class of Pakistan has to stay and serve Pakistan

5. Speak Only the Truth

  • As Pakistani’s it is our responsibility to focus on integrity
  • Integrity is vital towards being a good human being
  • You have to be true to yourself and to those around you in order to succeed in life

6. Talk in Urdu

  • No need to talk in English at home
  • If you’re abroad, make sure you only talk to kids in Urdu
  • Don’t raise kids who only speak english
  • Kids will learn English in school anyway so talking to them only in Urdu is the best policy

7. Save Water

  • Let’s try our best not to waste any

8. Plant Trees

  • Be a part of tree plantation drives
  • This is the most important from environmental perspective

9. Save Electricity & Gas

  • Switch off electricity when not in use

10. File & Pay Taxes

  • Become a proud tax payer

11. Be a Responsible Driver/Passenger

  • Pass driving test to get a legal license before driving
  • Wear seat belts in any moving vehicle (car, bus, airplane etc)
  • Never drive or travel any vehicle without a license
  • Never drive or travel without a seat belt
  • Always use indicators before turning on the road
  • Know traffic rules fully (booklet available) and obey them at all times

12. Always Choose the Right Way to the Wrong One

  • Many times in life we have two choices: the right way & the wrong way! Be just.
  • Remember two wrongs don’t make a right
  • Even if everyone is doing something wrong, choose to do whats right

13. Teach a Child/Helper

  • Teachers have a huge role in a society
  • Teach someone how to read and write
  • Inspire others to make a difference
  • Sponsor a child’s education
  • Teach a skill to someone that will improve their life
  • Teach kids how to be productive and responsible citizens

14. Give Back to the community

  • Donate money, paintings or things
  • Volunteer
  • Take presents for the poor

15. Be Kind

  • Talk to people nicely
  • Be nicer to those who have less than you
  • Make sure none of your actions cause inconvenience to anyone else

16. Mind Your Own Business

  • No interference in other’s matters
  • Respect rights, beliefs and opinions of others

17. Be at your best behaviour

  • Whatever we do, wherever we go we are representing our country in more ways than we realize
  • People don’t remember us by our name but by our country and religion
  • We are representations of our country and must make sure we portray it in the best way possible

18. Get Involved

  • Watch news to know whats going on in the country
  • Stay involved in community matters
  • Always vote!
  • Fly a flag

What Pakistani’s living abroad can do for Pakistan

“I truly believe this: If an American  leaves his country today, (for the taxes or whatever reason,) it won’t make any difference to his country. It is already where it should have gotten. But when someone living in an under-developed country leaves, his original country moves back many steps. Unless, he remembers, and still takes part in developing his original country. Its a delicate balance, one must give be loyal to both countries.” Shireen Gheba Najib 

Pakistani’s living abroad can still do the following for Pakistan:

  1. Donate money in Pakistan.
  2. Talk positively about Pakistan. Don’t ever give foreigners reasons for them to think media is right.
  3. Teaching written & spoken Urdu and Urdu literature to children.
  4. Read Urdu books & watch Urdu plays to keep in touch with Urdu.
  5. Talk to family & friends only in Urdu (You will be talking to foreigners in English anyway).
  6. Being ambassadors of Pakistan at every level.
  7. Keep your savings in Pakistan. Buy plots in Pakistan as investment.

Check out my mom Shireen Gheba’s really amazing article on how Pakistani’s abroad can serve it. Click on the following image to read her article.

How to Be Responsible Pakistanis

I am a strong believer of social responsibility. We were not just born to live and muck up this planet. We owe much more than that to our country and our planet.

It’s about being a less selfish person and putting the needs of society before your own. It is actually no hard work at all. It is just a lifestyle which we should choose to adopt. Basically means thinking of the impact of our actions on others. Let’s all act like liable adults and raise responsible kids. Thanks for stopping by. Do you feel strongly about this topic too? Do let me know.

This will result into a cleaner and greener place for us and our future generations. 

I hate drawing room talk against our society. I actually want to make a difference. Who is with me in this mission?

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  1. Read and i am in Pakistan to serve here and i know that if a person is willing to do thwn he can do it in any where ….those are just complainers that make excuses and do not implement

    1. True. Thanks for your comment.

  2. AA Nadiya,

    I am a regular reader of your articles and enjoy your experiences put in to beautiful and descriptive words that anyone from any background can relate. I read your article and also watched your story at Instagram about patriotism.

    You have highlighted some great points and I couldn’t agree more that as soon as we come to the West we totally forget that where are we from. It’s very sad sometimes when I see Pakistani men and women who totally have forgotten their roots.
    I don’t want to criticize or spread negativity but I would like to point out, why we Pakistani are not proud of our dress just like we are proud on our language, culture, and beauty of our country? I am seeing this a lot now on the social media that our girls from Pakistan have totally changed their attire. Now it feels like that to wear Pakistani dresses occasionally is like wearing uniforms to schools.

    Also, the negativity which you may seen in people is because of their negative experiences, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love their country. For example I can point out what had just happened a few days ago when an Ahmadi Masjid has been demolished. You can search online how much local people are spreading hate against minority especially Ahmadis in Pakistan. However, you will find the Pakistanis most patriot and law abiding no matter where they live.

    I am an Ahmadi Pakistani living in US for past 20 years. I have personally experienced when people find out you are an Ahmadi, you face bouycott and feel threatened. Also, it doesn’t only happen in Pakistan but it happens outside the country as well. When you meet a Pakistani and start talking to them, as soon as you tell them you are an Ahmadi, they just don’t want to talk to you or deal with you anymore. Again not all Pakistanis are like that but some Behave like this. I still love Pakistan and feel very sad when I hear negative news about it. I know Pakistan must have changed a lot, but sadly and unfortunately the treatment to minorities remains the same. I would like to live in Pakistan just like you, the only difference is I will never be considered a Pakistani because of my religious beliefs.

    You might not like my comment or may not post it. I just wanted to express my opinion. Anyways, you are doing great work and like to read your blog.



    1. Hi Shahma, Thank you so much for taking out the time and commenting. I really appreciate it. I am really sorry to hear about your experience. I feel really bad about intolerance in pakistani’s. We have as a nation become very intolerant people. We tend to judge others instantly which in my opinion is something terrible. Thanks for your appreciation for my blog. this is my little part to try to change the mentality of such pakistanis. You are right. If one faces problems first hand, we get a little disturbed but our love for the country stays. My family and I faced a lot of issues after my dads death, we had court cases on us for years and unfortunately we saw the worst side of our judicial system in pakistan. we watched our mama struggle for years for her rights and even in the end she never got justice. All these made me bitter and i wish we had just laws in pakistan but that didn’t change my patriotism for my country. I just hope and pray one day things will improve. Changing our minds is the first step. Thanks for sotpping by. All the best.

  3. AA Nadiya,

    I am very sorry to hear that you and your family have experienced such difficulty and especially from the judicial system.
    I also read your mother’s blog regularly. You and she has been a great inspiration for me to write. I hope and pray that one day we have more people like you who think out of the box in our country.
    People like you can bring a positive change no matter where they live. Stay blessed and keep up with your good work.

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words. I’m glad you’re following mamas blog too. She’s our inspiration. All the best and we really appreciate readers like you. Good luck with everything. P.S. We really respect minorities in Pakistan. We try to call them to our place and make them feel at home. I’m sorry you saw some bad people in pakistan but your’e right, not everyone is the same which is why i keep praying ‘may Allah always keep us in the company of good people’. Positive vibes only. All the best.

  4. I was scrolling on the phone whole day, it’s just because I’m really worrying about my country and your article helps me a lot. Inshallah I wil prepare this article for my speech and perform this speech internationally just to wake this nation up. Thanx

    1. Most welcome. Thank you

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