I provide digital marketing mentoring sessions that are customized to your need and charged per hour. These are designed to motivate and boost you for your projects/business by giving you the custom technical, material and emotional support you need. See what my clients say about these sessions.


There have been so many things that I have had to learn the hard way and I want to make it easier for you. I have been where you are now and I can help. Let’s do this together! 

We are surrounded by information from all around on how to do any particular thing and it can be so overwhelming if we are trying to figure this out, especially with how busy our lives have become. I can help you figure this out!

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My current digital marketing mentoring session rates are:

For clients living in Pakistan: Rs. 6500 per hour Rs. 3250 half-hour

For clients living in Canada: CAD $55 per hour CAD $27 half-hour

Clients living anywhere else: USD $45 per hour USD $25 half-hour

An invoice is sent out to you for your records.

Payment Details

  • International clients: PayPal: ([email protected])
  • Canadian clients: Email transfer to my Canadian bank account ([email protected])
  • Pakistani clients: Bank account transfer to my Pakistani bank account (Silk bank Account no: 0068 2004521121. Joint account name: Nadiya /shireen) 

How to Book your session

  1. Please make the payment
  2. Share the receipt/screenshot with me on Whatsapp no. +1 902 989 3487
  3. Also share your full name & topics you would like to discuss

I will schedule your session within that week.


My mentoring services cover a whole range of topics in digital marketing. Following are some main areas:

  • Advantages/challenges/objectives of digital marketing
  • Online work options
  • Blog & purpose
  • Earning through blog/website
  • Website basics
  • Content writing
  • How to set up your website
  • Social media basics
  • Working with brands
  • Social media marketing
  • Instagram
  • Business & Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Business strategies
  • Photography
  • Or anything else you would like to discuss

Customized to Your Need

Your one-to-one mentoring is custom to your specific needs and what you are looking to learn. I’ll share tips, inspiration, tools and lots of concrete things you can start doing immediately to make the process easy & fun for you!

Whether you just want to figure out blogging so you can record your random memories or you want to start getting your messages across and get better at using Instagram for your business or your website, let’s meet and make you less overwhelmed and more excited about this! 

I will give you tips, tricks of the trade and strategies which have worked for me, my business and the companies I’ve worked for in these 11 years of my work experience.


My digital marketing mentoring sessions take place online either on an audio or video call depending on what you are most comfortable with. Whatsapp/Facetime are most recommended options.

Value for Money

I make sure that you’re receiving your money’s worth from every aspect of my business. For all my mentoring sessions, I make sure I do thorough research, homework and brainstorming so I can serve you in the best way possible.

After you fill out the booking form below, I carefully evaluate your needs. Before the session, I prepare Session Notes of exactly what we will be discussing with all details of our discussion. During the session, I update this document and mark which direct references we discuss.

Once the session ends, I edit and update this document and email it out to you along with a valuable document: Tools for business automation. This contains assets that have helped me in digital marketing over the years and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

What You Get

Just to summarize, you will get the following out of the session:

  1. A full hour of customized quality solution-oriented mentoring
  2. Free intro session – at least 15 mins
  3. Session notes PDF file including all details discussed during the session
  4. Direct reference links discussed during the session & indirect references
  5. 50% off on my ebook: Best Business Tools which will help you build your empire


If you’d like to get in touch:

    I cannot wait for our session.

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