Let’s work together

I have absolutely loved working with hundreds of small businesses so far. Love how much hard work is being put into creating, marketing, presenting & delivering your masterpieces. 

I love working with brands in mutually beneficial partnerships.

Since I believe in authentic marketing, I’m only looking to work with brands whose products I’m passionate about or whose values align with mine. I think we can achieve greater dreams when we work together.


Thank you for your interest in my promotional services. The prices below are in USD except when CAD (Canadian Dollar) is specified.

GIFTED COLLABORATIONS: These take place ONLY if I am interested in the products. All gifted collaborations get 1-3 FREE Instagram stories. If you would like more promotion, please refer to the following rates:

Payment options: PayPal, Canadian email transfer or Pakistani bank account Transfer

I’m happy to offer you the following rates for promotion:


A. An Instagram sponsored Reel on Instagram: Starting from $1000 CAD/Rs. 95000/-



B. Sponsored post on Instagram: Starting from $80/Rs. 16,000. This is for static photo posts only.


C. Through Giveaway Post: Starting from $100 CAD/Rs. 15000



D. Reposting your post/photo/video in my stories with added links/tags/text: 

1 story: Rs. 2800 (lowest discounted price)/$29

2 stories: Rs. 5800/$59

3 stories: Rs. 7500/$75

E. Share a screen-record video story of your profile including your feed with added text on top with music background: Rs. 3500/$45

F. Talking story while showing your profile on my computer/screen: 1 story Rs. 4900/$59

G. Talking story with my face:  1 story Rs. 5900 /$75 – Their response is best. (Only offered for certain products/services that I personally like) 

Transfer Details

For Pakistan: Silk bank

Account no: 0068 2004521121

Joint account name: Nadiya /Shireen
For Abroad: PayPal & Email transfer: [email protected] 

Please confirm which service you’re interested in, the brand tag & transfer screenshot/receipt & I’ll schedule your promotion within that week IA.

Book Your Promotion

  1. Please make the respective payment
  2. Share the receipt/screenshot with me on Whatsapp no. +1 902 989 3487
  3. Also, share your Instagram business tag.

I will schedule your session within that week & coordinate on Whatsapp.

See How I Promote Brands


What I Offer

I can promote your products, services & brand through my platforms:

Talk to me if you have any exciting collaboration ideas like:

  • Sponsored Posts (blog & social)
  • Paid advertising
  • Product Reviews/ads
  • Gifted collaborations

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like a custom plan.


If you’d rather email me your proposal, you can do so at: [email protected]

Normally I reply within 48 working hours.


If you’d like to get in touch:


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    Thank you for your interest in working with me. Let’s do this!

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