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I have absolutely loved working with hundreds of small businesses so far. Love how much hard work is being put into creating, marketing, presenting & delivering your masterpieces. 

I love working with brands in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Since I believe in authentic marketing, I’m only looking to work with brands whose products I’m passionate about or whose values align with mine. I think we can achieve greater dreams when we work together.


Thank you for your interest in my promotional services.

GIFTED COLLABORATIONS: All gifted collaborations get 1-3 FREE Instagram stories. If you would like more promotion, please refer to the following rates:

Payment options: Pakistani bank account Transfer, PayPal, Canadian email transfer

I’m happy to offer you the following rates for promotion:


A. Reposting your post/photo/video in my stories with added links/tags/text: 

1 story: Rs. 2500 (lowest discounted price)/$25

2 stories: Rs. 5000/$50

3 stories: Rs. 6800/$68

B. Share a screen-record video story of your profile including your feed with added text on top with music background: Rs. 3500/$45

C. Talking story while showing your profile on my computer/screen: 1 story Rs. 4500/$55

D. Talking story with my face:  1 story Rs. 5500 /$70 – Their response is best. (Only offered for certain products/services that I personally like) 


E. Sponsored post on Instagram: Starting from $80/Rs. 12,000. SEE SAMPLES HERE. Starting price is for static photo posts only.

For Pakistan: Silk bank

Account no: 0068 2004521121

Joint account name: Nadiya /Shireen
For Abroad: PayPal & Email transfer: [email protected] 

Please confirm which service you’re interested in, the brand tag & transfer screenshot/receipt & I’ll schedule your promotion within that week IA.

Book your Promotion

  1. Please make the respective payment
  2. Share the receipt/screenshot with me on Whatsapp no. +1 902 989 3487
  3. Also, share your Instagram business tag.

I will schedule your session within that week & coordinate on Whatsapp.

See How I Promote Brands

What I Offer

I can promote your products, services & brand through my platforms:

Talk to me if you have any exciting collaboration ideas like:

  • Sponsored Posts (blog & social)
  • Paid advertising
  • Product Reviews/ads
  • Gifted collaborations

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like a custom plan.


If you’d rather email me your proposal, you can do so at: [email protected]

Normally I reply within 48 working hours.

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    Thank you for your interest in working with me. Let’s do this!

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