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15 Pakistani Dramas I Loved & Hated Watching

All my close friends and my loyal Instagram followers know very well that I am obsessed with Pakistani Dramas. I have watched most of the dramas on YouTube not on live TV because I feel its easier for me to watch them when I want and when I have ...


The Miraculous Natural Deodrant

The wonders of Phitkari It was only recently when I learned about this wonder crystal. I had been hearing about the bad effects of antiperspirant deodorants for a while now. It made sense that these block our pores so we don’t sweat at all ...


Mini Travel Series: Peggy’s Cove

Ever since we moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, everyone had been asking us to go and see Peggy’s Cove. This is Nova Scotia’s No. 1 tourist spot. Last Wednesday evening (29th of August, 2018), our Brazilian friends called us to accompany ...


14 Lessons from University Life

About University life University is definitely a life changing experience which enriches your mind and broadens your horizons. Other than classroom studies, you also learn about whats important in life.  It has been over a decade that I ...


Collaborated Tips for a Blissful Marriage

Introduction My husband and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday. In the article I shared then, I talked about the importance of a blissful marriage, what he means to me, what I value the most in our relationship and finally my ...


Tips For a Blissful Marriage

Importance of a Blissful Marriage A good marriage can make your life heaven and a bad one can really make it hell. Therefore, all possible effort should be put in making it a happy and peaceful home for yourself and for the future generations. ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib