I absolutely love my Insta-Fam. When I started my blog and Instagram page, I honestly had no clue that one day, my inbox would be EXPLODING with so many love notes!

It’s such a big blessing that you are reading my posts and are affected by them. I feel extremely honored and happy that through my blog I could add a little value in your life. Reading your messages makes the initial struggling years so so worth it.

I honestly believe that only GREAT people say GREAT things.

I know it’s not only about me. It’s about you too. It’s only the greatness in you that lets you appreciate the greatness in me and my work. I so appreciate that. Here is a virtual hug to all of you who have read, loved and taken out your precious time to make my day with your beautiful words. This love that we have is mutual. I love you guys which is why I love creating content for you. You love me so you love my content. (How cheesy but true! )

The messages that I’m sharing here are not even a pinch of all the messages that I actually get on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it’s not humanly possible for me to share all your sweet comments. So I’m just sharing a few. I love you all!

“I really love your positivity. Your blog posts. I am learning from you Nadiya. You are the best”. By Syraaliz

“Whenever I read your blog post or see your stories, I learn something new. I have honestly learned a lot from you. I always look for organizing hacks from your blog. I was discussing this with my sister today. Whenever I watch your stories, I learn something new. It is really informative. You are doing an amazing job Mashallah.” By Theskincareavenger

“Nadiya knows perfectly what she is doing. How she is managing her married life, her kid, blogging, career is inspiring. I have learned a lot from her”. By drhinasikander

“It is such a pleasure to watch your stories and to get to share in on your days. Your sprightly voice has cheered me up on so many of my bad days. I absolutely love how you derive such immense meaning and joy from everyday life. I cannot even describe how much I look up to you and how much inspiration I draw from your outlook on life.” By _mishalfatima

“I love you just the way you are”. By Ikra_Asgar

“I keep giving your example to my mom, sisters and myself too. How sughar you are Mashallah. Whenever I feel lazy, I start watching your stories for motivation k aap abroad main, family se duur, aik toddler k saath family life, business aur ghar itnay tareeke se manage karrahi hain – saaf suthra ghar, cooking, laundry, grocery and sports. Dekh k mein active hojati hoon foran 😀 May Allah give you the strength and determination to carry on spreading love, knowledge and positivity. You are truly a gem of a person.” By Heer_Mlk

“I just read your articles. They are amazing. I love them.” By Iman.Mujahid

“I wanted to thank you for your posts that make so much difference in our lives every single day. Love your positivity.” By Mehreen.Haider

“Just today I was talking to my sister about you and I asked her to follow you because you are true example of happiness is a choice. MA the way you balance everything is beyond words. Also there are so many people who inspire you but you not only inspire but also give directions through your life style and charming personality. May Allah bless you always.” By Aqsiabbasi

“Going to give a shoutout. I like Nadiya because:
1. She is a very relatable person going through the day like the rest of us.
2. She’s kept a beautiful balance in her life. I love how her time is divided into chunks of family time, tv time, blog time, painting time, workout time, playtime.
3. She makes everyday tasks so much fun. She makes you feel that work, cleaning, doing hisaab, everything is enjoyable.
4. I get a feeling that she puts her heart to anything she does, be it how trivial… that’s why she enjoys it so much.
5. She can give you a tutorial on so many things. From how to organize your bag to how to save to how to plan a travel venture to how to prepare for a baby.
6. She gives you a very strong ‘you can do this’ vibe.
7. Her writeups and talks are so simple and candid, no jargon, no pretence.. just simple talk. 8. She’s this genuine, kind, strong and beautiful person.” By Prototypicalself

“Love following you. There are days when I feel I can’t do something and then watching your stories gives me so much inspiration.” By Bitsoflife.x

“I had to tell you Nadiya . You know the business tools you have mentioned on your website are such a big big biggest service for people like me who want to initiate working in this digital world. I swear no one does this! In the start when I came to know about you through Instagram and I visited your website and saw these tools, this was the most impressive point. I swear its impossible to share your secrets or the tools one uses. In fact someone asked me once can I tell my shortcuts. It was so difficult to share.” By Sidrah

“I read your blogpost about keeping Hisaab and I made a diary and noted every small buy like you mentioned and I just did calculations for the whole month and the results are shocking!!! It’s unbelievable how much I spend on grocery and shopping and black Friday deals plus daily bits bobs. Now I have two goals. 1. Control my spending. 2. Hide my diary from the husband. Thanks for this amazing post. This method is really an eye-opener.” By wajiha_waqar

“I’m so glad I found you on Insta. You are my source of inspiration. I just love your blog. Keep it up and keep sharing good stuff with us all. I have started making my painting wall too.” By mommys.happy.bubble

I must say I love your content. Went through your website and read a few articles and enjoyed reading them. Thank you for coming up with amazing thoughts and spreading positivity. I can relate so much. Keep up the amazing job.” By Aisha_waqar_khan

Thank you again for all the love!

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