Would you like a really professional website for your small business?

I have 10+ years of corporate & business website designing experience. I’m so passionate about websites. I use WordPress for designing websites.

Recent Samples of my Work

Following are some of my previous projects:

1. Canova Medical: A medical clinic in the UK

2. Motherhood Magazine: Pakistan’s first parenting magazine

3. My website & blog revamp

4. A meditation trainer in Canada: Lindsay Dupuis

5. My mom’s website & blog: Shireen Gheba


My current rate for any website work is CAD $55 / USD 41

  • Only an hourly rate is used for all website-related work. Project-based is not applicable for websites.
  • It is not really feasible to take Pakistani projects in most cases as it doesn’t make business sense anymore because of the currency conversion rates. Also because getting paid in PKR isn’t feasible for me. I do still take up Pakistani projects provided they can pay me in CAD/USD.
  • It took me about 15 hours to create this client’s website when all her content was ready and her website only had about 5 pages. Total price: $750 CAD.
  • All my website projects are currently priced per hour. This includes all the time spent on the project including correspondence, research (in case of any updates etc), or any kind of work related to the project).
  • I use Clockify to calculate the exact time up to seconds. Clients are sent time sheets with work details of each session.

Booking/Query Form

Thank you for your interest in hiring me as your website manager. Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


    I provide the following website services:

    • Website mentoring
    • Website designing
    • Hosting & Domain from a reliable company
    • Managing hosting & domain
    • Website revamp
    • Website audit (detailed improvement list)
    • Content creation for website
    • Earning through your website

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    If you have any more queries, please let me know. 

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