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I provide the following services related to websites:

  • Website creation
  • Website revamp
  • Website improvement list
  • Content creation for website
  • Earning through your website
  • Email setup on your website domain

Note: Please note that I’m not taking website projects from Pakistan currently. Please feel free to request a quote if you live anywhere else. I will get back to you.

Following are a few details of the above services I offer:

Website Creation

The website creation project comprises of the whole package as follows:

Sr.No.Services Included
1Hosting & Domain from a reliable company
2Managing hosting & domain
3My service charges for website creation
4WP Pro Theme Charges & Installation
5My website mentoring services
6Miscellaneous expenses
7Handling over process

A complete breakdown of the above along with prices will be sent with the price quote.

Content Creation

I have been creating content for various companies and for my blog for over 6 years now.

I have a lot of experience in designing websites and writing content. So I can go through your website and suggest changes in the content to make it more attractive, clear and perceptible.

Or I can create quality content for you. I am an expert in content strategies.

Charges for writing the content will obviously depend on exactly how much content you want me to write. We can do a needs-analysis before I can quote a rate.

Earning through website

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, businessman or a hobbyist, don’t waste your content. Start getting paid!

I can help you out with:

  • How to start monetizing a blog
  • How to earn from blog

If you already have a WordPress website and an Adsense Google approved account and want me to set it up for earning, I can do so for $100 USD.

Email setup on your domain

I can set up one email account on your domain and explain to you how you can access it. I would only set it up online for you which you can access online only. 

This does not include setting up email account on your phone or your Mail app on your laptop/phone. In case you need that sort of help, you may reach out to a tech representative or the domain support (I can provide details). 

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