This lifestyle blog is my voice. In this blog ‘Living an Inspired Life’, I write about different subjects like Traveling, Organising, Well-being, Genealogy and Relationships. I wish to make this blog an ultimate spot to get inspired. I want this to be a creativity hub with ideas for your latest DIY projects.

Through my blog, I try to add value to peoples lives by sharing ideas of how they can make their lives and homes clutter free. How they can get rid of unnecessary obstacles and achieve their goals. How they can look their best by using natural everyday products from their fridge on their skin. I try to keep life as simple as possible by making the most of what we have and focus on minimalism.


I also try to encourage hobbies and interests in this blog. I feel that hobbies play a major part in a persons happiness. We all need some ‘me – me’ time where we can be alone and enjoy doing what we love. Life is too short to sacrifice our happiness for work or the daily grind. If we really want something, we can always make time for it no matter how busy our routine may be.


My lifestyle blog covers a whole range of subjects to help you in your daily life as shown below:

  • Organizing – Home, Work and Life
  • Relationships – Family, Marriage, Wedding, Struggle
  • Travel – Pakistan, Abroad, Journals
  • Genealogy – My Story, Family Tree, Journal
  • Well-being – Social Issues, Food, Natural Remedies, Makeup, General
  • Interests – Sports, Collectables, Poetry, Favourites, Other
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