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Does your kitty need a home in Halifax, CA when you are away?

Cat-Sitter in Halifax

I am a cat-sitter based in Rockingham South, Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you’re a cat owner and need to go on a holiday, weekend break, hospital, business trip or need to manage home renovations or guests, you are most welcome to leave your cat with me for as long you want.

My husband, my daughter and I live in an airy 3-bed apartment in Rockingham South with a safe huge patio and lots of windows. So your furry baby can enjoy the view while lounging around. I work from home so I am there to keep an eye & cuddle. With my cat sitting services, you won’t have to leave your precious kitty in a kennel while you are away.

I have my whole life’s experience of taking care of cats. I have always kept cats and love them like anything. I will feed, pet, amuse and talk to your cats (in Urdu! Learning a new language won’t hurt your kitty… right?).

Cats often suffer from stress when they’re away from their owners. If you leave yours with me, he/she is in safe hands as I love cuddling and spoiling cats. You are also welcome to come for a visit to meet me and see my place before you (/decide to) leave your cat with me for no extra cost. 

Service prices

All cat supplies (litter, litter bags, food etc) are to be provided by the owner:

Note: If the cat scratches, a scratching pole must be provided by owner also.

My charges to cat-sit per day: $50


  • The cat must be neutered so it doesn’t spray around our place
  • The cat must be friendly as I have a toddler in my house (she loves cats)
  • The cat must be trained to use the litter box properly so it doesn’t dirty up our place
  • The cat must not ruin our furniture (most of our furniture is brand new and we don’t want scratches on our couches). A scratching post must be provided if cat is in the habit to scratch


  • I’ll share updates of your kitty on my Instagram stories so you can see how your kitty is doing while you are away
  • In case you are not on Instagram, I can also Whatsapp/SMS you your cat photos/updates while you are away
  • In case of any issues with the cat, I will immediately inform you on Whatsapp no. and have a game-plan already (mutually decided with you beforehand)

Vet Visits

If God forbid, your cat falls sick while in my care, I will keep you up to date on the phone. If I need to take it to a vet, I charge the following:

$35 (for taking the cat to the vet within our service area and back)

Plus all costs associated with the vet visit. (I will give you all the receipts)

Planning a trip? Book your slot today!

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