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I can help you improve your digital presence by providing you with an improvement list for your digital platforms (website & social media)

I provide digital marketing audit service that is customized to your need & charged per hour. These are to conduct an audit on your website or your Instagram profile/Facebook page to provide you with a list of improvements. It will give you inspiration/links and ideas to grow your digital presence from a business perspective and tips on increasing overall engagement.

In this saturated world, if our website and Instagram aren’t exceptionally good, it won’t stand out. There are so many things that I can help you with, that can significantly improve your digital presence. Let’s get started?


I have been so passionate about websites and social media. My passion has been combined with corporate and business work experience of 12+ years. I set up my business 2 years ago so I can help hundreds of small-business owners all over the world with my expertise.

Customized to your need

Your one-to-one audit is custom to your specific needs. I’ll share tips, inspiration, tools and lots of concrete things you can start doing immediately to make the process easy and fun for you!

I will give you professional tips & tricks that have worked for me and for other businesses that I’ve helped over many years of my experience.


My audit service is either over audio/video call or Whatsapp audio notes. We choose the option that suits you best.

Value for money

I make sure that you’re receiving your money’s worth from every aspect of my business. For all my mentoring sessions, I make sure I do thorough research, homework and brainstorming so I can serve you in the best way possible.

After you fill out the booking form below, I carefully study your digital platforms. Before the session, I prepare Session Notes of exactly what we will be discussing with details of our discussion. During the session, I update this document with direct references we discuss.

Once the session ends, I edit and update this document and email it out to you along with a valuable e-book for free: Tools for business automation. This contains assets that have helped me in digital marketing over the years and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

What you get

Just to summarize, you will get the following out of the session:

  1. Customized quality time solution-oriented audit
  2. Free intro session – 10 mins
  3. Session notes PDF file including all details discussed during the session
  4. Direct reference links discussed during the session & indirect references
  5. Free tools for business automation e-book which will help you build your empire (available on request)


My current digital audit rates are:

For clients living in Pakistan:

  • 1 hour: Rs. 5000
  • For clients living in Canada: CAD $55 per hour
  • For clients living anywhere in the rest of the world: USD $45 per hour

You can also choose half an hour for half the price and time.

An invoice is sent out to you for your records.

Payment is through:

  • International clients: PayPal
  • Canadian clients: Email transfer to my Canadian bank account
  • Pakistani clients: Bank account transfer to my Pakistani bank account

Client testimonials

Book your session

I’m so excited you want to book an audit with me. This is really one of my most favourite things to do. Could you please answer a few questions for me so I’m able to book you in?

Thank you so much for taking the time! I would be using an online software Clockify to record time accurately. We will coordinate for the session via Whatsapp text. I cannot wait for our session.

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