I can help you improve your digital presence by providing you with an improvement list for your digital platforms (website & social media)

I offer a digital audit that is customized to your need. I audit your website/social profiles to provide you with a list of improvements. It will give you inspiration/links and ideas to enhance your digital presence from a business perspective and tips on increasing overall engagement.

In this saturated world, if our website and Instagram aren’t exceptionally good, they won’t stand out. This audit can significantly improve your digital presence. Let’s get started?

How it works

  • I study your Instagram/website carefully
  • Create a list of improvements you can make immediately for it to stand out 
  • I add useful links/samples to make it easier for you
  • You can simply make the changes suggested & ace these platforms
  • These can make a significant impact on your brand image, growth & sales


My interest in digital marketing is backed up by 13+ years of corporate & business work experience and 20+ books I have read. I am so passionate about websites and social media. For the past 3 years, I have been helping hundreds of small businesses all over the world with my expertise.

Customized to your need

Your one-to-one audit is custom to your specific needs and is exactly to-the-point so you don’t have to skim through all the fluff to know exactly what changes you need to make tospruce up your digital platforms.

I’ll share tips, inspiration, tools and lots of concrete things you can start doing immediately to make the process easy and fun for you. I will give you professional tips & tricks that have worked for me and for other businesses that I’ve helped over many years of my experience.

Channel of communication

Once I’ve completed working on your audit document, we communicate as follows:

  • Over Whatsapp audio notes
  • Through emails

After creating your lmprovement list (PDF) including links/references/samples for you, I will send them over to you along with an audio message (Whatsapp) explaining the points in document. The document is detailed so audio will be short. If you have questions, you can reply with audio notes.

  • Only in exeptional cases, I offer up to half-hour voice call where I explain points in document instead of voice message.

Value for money

I make sure that you’re receiving your money’s worth from every aspect of my business. For all my auditing sessions, I make sure I do thorough research, homework and brainstorming so I can serve you in the best way possible.

After you fill out the booking form below, I carefully study your digital platforms. Before the session, I prepare Session Notes of exactly what we will be discussing with details of our discussion. During the session, I update this document with direct references we discuss.

Once the session ends, I edit and update this document and email it out to you.

All my audit clients also get a 50% discount on my e-book ‘Best Business tools for small businesses’ This contains important business assets that will help you.

What you get

Just to summarize, you will get the following out of the session:

  1. Customized improvement list PDF for your profile/website
  2. The list includes all direct/indirect references discussed during the call
  3. 50% Discount on my e-book: Best Business tools for small businesses


My current digital audit rates are:

  • 1/2 hour $25 USD Rs. 2500
  • 1 hour $50 USD Rs. 5000
  • 1 hour $55 CAD For those in Canada

An invoice is sent out to you for your records.

Payment is through:

  • International clients: PayPal: ([email protected])
  • Canadian clients: Email transfer to my Canadian bank account ([email protected])
  • Pakistani clients: Bank account transfer to my Pakistani bank account (Silk bank Account no: 0068 2004521121. Joint account name: Nadiya /shireen) 

Client testimonials

Book your digital audit

I’m so excited you want to book an audit with me. This is really one of my most favourite things to do. Could you please answer a few questions for me so I’m able to book you in?

Thank you so much for filling out the form!

To make the process quicker, please make the payment (details under price above) & share the receipt/screenshot with me and I will schedule a time for you that works for both of us ASAP.

We will coordinate the session via Whatsapp text. I cannot wait for our session.

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