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Your opinion matters. Here is what my clients say about my services.

“Nadiya helped tremendously with my business overhaul. She got me on track by organizing my ideas and relaunching my website in a clear and attractive way, while giving great tips about using social media to reach more clients. She also worked tirelessly in bringing my YouTube fundraising initiative to life. Before working with Nadiya, I had a pile of raw video and audio content, and after working with Nadiya, I have beautiful video footage that I can upload to my channel. Nadiya is professional and organized. She is also timely and efficient. I plan on consulting her in the future, and I would recommend her services. ”

Lindsay Dupuis , a mindfulness-based counsellor & meditation trainer based in Halifax, Canada.
Services availed: Website Creation, logo creation, still photoshoot, creating a complete intro video (videography, editing etc), editing another complete video (for YouTube).

“I recently worked with Nadiya for my interior design business. Nadiya is detail-oriented and very responsible. She worked tirelessly on this project and met and exceeded all my expectations. She is super easy and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her. “

Ayesha Usman, a staging business owner at Ayesha Usman Design based in Seattle, USA.
Services availed: Website creation, Facebook page creation.

Brand Clients

 “Thank you so much Nadiya. You have been so diligent and professional in your work. I have enjoyed this collaboration so much. A big thank you for recognizing my work and gaining me a good amount of audience. I will always appreciate your kind gesture.”

Rafia Shafiq, Business owner at Dhaga.Art in Toronto, Canada.

“We truly appreciate it and we are so excited for this collab! Your content and caption are beautiful and we love how smooth and professional it was to work with you. IA this is just the beginning of our collab!”

Ibraheem & Zuni, Business owners at Zudo in York, Canada.

“I’m really happy with the story promotions Nadiya did for my small business. She was very professional and helpful throughout the process. We discussed the content thoroughly before hand which put my mind at ease regarding the final outcome.”

Alieha, a business owner at Posies & Bonbons in the UK.

Digital Marketing Mentoring Clients

“My mentoring session with Nadiya was very helpful and comprehensive. I like the fact that she does thorough research before the session, provides insightful information and notes afterward. I felt comfortable talking to her about my plans and asking questions.”

Shariqa Azeem, Marketing & Communication Strategist from London, UK.

Subjects covered:
– Figuring out career choices
– Instagram basics
– How to self-tutor
– How to learn website creation
– Content management
– Options for earning online

“My mentoring session with Nadiya was very helpful as she guided me the dynamics of how to run an Instagram page. She is a mentor for me. After talking to her, I was satisfied as she gave a new direction to my personal blog.”

Hira Hassan, a mental health blogger from Lahore, Pakistan.

Subjects covered:
– Instagram page makeover
– General guidelines on how to run a blog
– ways to earn money online

“I booked a mentoring session with Nadiya and every second of it was extremely fulfilling. There was a lot to learn and her attention to detail took it all to the next level. The entire session was worth it and I’m really glad I took it. I’m very excited to work on a lot of things as guided by her and revamp my business and life altogether. She’s doing a great job and I wish her the best in everything she takes on!”

 Anushe Abdi, a food business owner from Karachi, Pakistan.
Subjects covered:
– Ways to earn money online
– Business management
– Time management
– Working from home
– Social media
– Website

“I learned every minute of the session, everything was new for me, and the ideas have really got me thinking. Thanks a lot.”

Amina Yasmin, a former teacher of Workshop Engineering at LUMS, now living in Multan, Pakistan.
Subjects covered:
– Ways to earn money online
– Website
– Social media

“I just had a mentoring session with Nadiya, it was great talking to her! I got all my queries answered, she is very sweet and friendly. Most of all, she is very comfortable with questioning and answering each one of them, simply loved the session!”

Faryal Shujaat, a software engineering graduate based in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Subjects covered:
– Website
– Business

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