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“I love your services! Really the way you introduce Instagram is very practical and the hacks and tools are super helpful! 😍”

Sana Khattak, Founder & CEO of Language House. Designs customized English courses and workshops for organizations & university students.
Services availed: I did a workshop for her students on various aspects of Digital Marketing.

My Monthly Instagram Management Clients

I worked with sister Nadiya for my Instagram Management. I highly recommend her services to other business owners. Really! the way she introduces Instagram is very practical & useful, it helps me a lot to grow my business.”

Esraa Adel, Alesraa Academy’s Manager based in Cairo, Egypt.

“I own a clothing studio based in California & Nadiya joined our team in January 2023. Working with Nadiya was such a learning experience for me as I wasn’t tech-wavy at all. She is a pleasure to work with and guided me through all the steps very patiently. She is a thorough professional and knows her craft well. Working with her helped our business grow 4 fold in a short span of time. I will happily recommend her professional services to others.”

Rabia, owner of The Designers, a designer clothing studio based in Roseville, California, USA.

Nadiya Najib took charge of our Instagram handle on July 1st, 2022 & to date, she has helped us with our clothing business growth over social media which was a tough task because previously our Instagram page was struggling.

She has a lot of experience & ideas all the time which are different than others in the market. We have given all rights to our Instagram page to her and honestly, she did it like her own business. She always wants to try different things on our page that are cost-effective & give us a really good response.

She guided us on how to take pictures, make videos, and be professional in everything. She is really organized & helpful in every way. I have already recommended her to some businesses and will do it in the future too. Keep it up like the way you are managing.

Taimur Habib, a branded clothing retail business owner at Ponys.Clothing based in Lahore, Pakistan.

“Your work experience, proficiency & command in the marketing field has impacted our business positively and our team has learned many things working under your supervision. We want to thank you for your exceptional services and skills in digital marketing. We look forward to working with you again & we hope we can count on you for your astounding services”

Zisfone, a telecom company based in New York, USA

“Thank you for managing Promenade’s Insta account so professionally & aesthetically. I love how relatable, organic & ‘from the heart’ your posts are. I really appreciate all your help. Thank you for being my mentor & support through the launch in Pakistan and marketing in the US. I have learned so much from your tips and direction💕”

Hira Hussain, a skincare business owner at From the Promenade based in Houston, Texas, USA.

“Nadiya pushes me out of my comfort zone but she’s just who I needed. Love her initiative and so grateful to have her as my social media manager❤️. If you guys enjoy my new up-leveled IG she’s definitely the one to thank for it. 🥰 Will always appreciate every single thing she did for Tea for Turmeric”

Izzah Cheema, a food business blog owner at Tea For Turmeric based in Houston, Texas, USA

“I worked with Nadiya to develop an Instagram strategy and content plan. The goal was to ensure consistent posting on my social media platforms and increase overall engagement. 

Nadiya worked to understand my objectives throughout the process, and maintained a very open and straightforward line of communication. It was a pleasure to work with such a kind & professional individual. She brings great value to any business owner she works with! I look forward to a long relationship! I enjoyed working with her. She is an excellent planner & detail-oriented person. It was a joy!”

Arsheen, a photography business owner in Toronto, Canada.

My Website Design Clients

“We commissioned Nadiya to do an audit of our website. Once the audit was complete and the things that needed to be addressed were defined, we requested her to work with our IT team and oversee the changes. She did a very good job with revamping the website. Nadiya is incredibly professional and polite, and very thorough and orderly. If anyone wants a website made or revamped I would certainly recommend her!”.

Saadia Haseeb, owner at Motherhood magazine based in Karachi, Pakistan.

“We saw the motherhood website. It’s literally the best. We’ve been developing a website in html ourselves in office so we thoroughly understand websites and the interface motherhood has is genuinely amazing.
A huge round of applause for the hard work which is very visible. From colour schemes to formatting everything is utter perfection.🏆💯🥰👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

Shameen Quddusi about Motherhood Magazine website, the first parenting magazine in Pakistan.

“Nadiya took on our clinic’s website. This was a challenging task as there was an existing old site that needed updating & upgrading. Nadiya provided a bespoke service based on an hourly charge. She communicated regularly and efficiently when delivering this project. She provided appropriate solutions to a number of issues that we came across during the transition of our website.

Nadiya was flexible throughout this project and took on feedback very well. During the handover reprocess she provided invaluable resources and was extremely thorough in helping and guiding us run our site independently. Overall, our website is now modern and much more efficient and user friendly and also in an excellent position to grow with our business”.

Shoaib Arshad, a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at Canova Medical center based in Cheshire, UK.
Services availed: Website revamp including logo creation.

“Nadiya helped tremendously with my business overhaul. She got me on track by organizing my ideas and relaunching my website in a clear and attractive way, while giving great tips about using social media to reach more clients. She also worked tirelessly in bringing my YouTube fundraising initiative to life. Before working with Nadiya, I had a pile of raw video and audio content, and after working with Nadiya, I have beautiful video footage that I can upload to my channel. Nadiya is professional and organized. She is also timely and efficient. I plan on consulting her in the future, and I would recommend her services. ”

Lindsay Dupuis , a mindfulness-based counsellor & meditation trainer based in Halifax, Canada.
Services availed: Website Creation, logo creation, still photoshoot, creating a complete intro video (videography, editing etc), editing another complete video (for YouTube).

“I recently worked with Nadiya for my interior design business. Nadiya is detail-oriented and very responsible. She worked tirelessly on this project and met and exceeded all my expectations. She is super easy and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Ayesha Usman, a staging business owner at Ayesha Usman Design based in Seattle, USA.
Services availed: Website creation, Facebook page creation.

My Audit Service clients

“We had an overview of your Insta profile and your content and hard work instantly captured our interest! Safe to say we chose the right person for our Instagram and website audit as we are amazed by your detailed audit along with the voice notes that reflect your dedication towards your work. We have made quick mandatory changes and are still working to improve as per your guidance. Definitely worth the money spent!
Thankyou so much for cooperating with us.”

Team Robes, a women’s clothing store in Pakistan.

“I’ve been following Nadiya on Insta for quite a while. I’m always amazed by the content she creates. I needed help with my Instagram so I booked her audit service. I must say that she took only four days and delivered a very detailed (which I wasn’t expecting 🙂 ) and analytical audit report in pdf and voice notes as well which were eminently helpful. We applied some changes right away and my team is now digging deeper to adopt other cultivated specifics that she included in her report. Everything was to the point and directly related to our account growth. Thank you Nadiya”

Erum Nadim, a clothes business owner at Blossoms by Azz

“Nadiya has helped me design my business webpage in a highly professional manner. Her work reflects my preferences and is tailored according to my audience. Her personalized and user-friendly support made my work easier and more manageable. Being a busy mom and entrepreneur I value the time I saved from her services. I would highly recommend connecting to Nadiya Najib if you are looking into improving your social media presence.”

Namra Salman, a business owner at Slushbox kids, now living in Karachi, Pakistan.

“You did a fantastic job for me, and I appreciate your time and efforts greatly. I wasn’t sure about you at first when I saw your Instagram. But it was worth the money I spent. The way you have drawn everything makes me feel as though I could never consider such things on my own. I could say so much about you because of your work.”

Lilly, a business owner at Your Health Promoter, living in Pakistan.

“It was a good experience with you your suggestions & guidelines are made my business more worthy. I’m thankful. After your findings for me to scale up my Instagram page, now I am going to register my business with Laam it’s a big achievement for me & of course for my business as well. Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.”

Rizwana Farheen, a kids clothing business owner at from Pakistan.

“Aoa Nadiya !! I really appreciate your work. The points you mentioned in your audit were meant to be worked on and I realize now how much work was needed on my account. Thank you so much for your effort. You have added every single detail. It made it so easy for me as you even added all the links. Wonderful job. Keep it up. Will always contact you when I need more help. Thanks once again. May Allah give you more success in your field. Ameen”

Nimra Yaqoob, owner of School of Islam, an Instagram page to spread Islam as Sadqa-e-Jaria for her late father.

My Brand Collaboration Clients

 “Thank you so much Nadiya. You have been so diligent and professional in your work. I have enjoyed this collaboration so much. A big thank you for recognizing my work and gaining me a good amount of audience. I will always appreciate your kind gesture.”

Rafia Shafiq, Business owner at Dhaga.Art in Toronto, Canada.

“We truly appreciate it and we are so excited for this collab! Your content and caption are beautiful and we love how smooth and professional it was to work with you. IA this is just the beginning of our collab!”

Ibraheem & Zuni, Business owners at Zudo in York, Canada.

“I’m really happy with the story promotions Nadiya did for my small business. She was very professional and helpful throughout the process. We discussed the content thoroughly beforehand which put my mind at ease regarding the final outcome.”

Alieha, a business owner at Posies & Bonbons in the UK.

“Nadiya! You were a sweetheart to work with. We have worked with very few influencers who have been this cooperative and thorough. We would like to work with you in the future as well. Thank you once again.”

Urban Truck Art, Pakistan.

My Mentoring Service Clients

“Nadia is an excellent mentor. She’s friendly, knowledgeable and supportive and really tries to push me to move forward and make progress in my career. In general, she responded to my queries very quickly.”

Tehreem Khanzadi from Khanewal, Pakistan.

Subjects covered:
– Ways to earn online from home
– Brainstormed online work ideas esp for me
– Guided on how to start my own blog

“I read our session notes. They were so clear & easy to understand. You are truly a gem. Loved talking with you. I learned a lot. 🥰 Best wishes for your future. May God give u all the success.💕Special thank you for the free ebook. I loved reading it. It was so informative and helpful.”

Yusra Malik, a student from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Subjects covered:
– How to earn online
– How to improve video creation/editing
– Best practices for Instagram/YouTube
– Content management & ideas
– Photography basics
– Instagram bio improvement tips

“I booked a mentoring session with Nadiya to go over some changes I wanted to bring to my brand. Our call was jam packed with so much information I couldn’t write it all down fast enough.

Thankfully Nadiya sent me a detailed summary of everything we talked about along with lots of resources and next steps outlined. I found her to be well prepared having done homework on my current look / website etc and provided me with clarity and direction for our next steps towards a revamped brand.

That was just on a professional level – on a personal level Nadiya is a joy to speak with easy to connect to and one of the sweetest nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with. I look forward to working with her on projects in the future.” 

Arsheen, a photography business owner in Toronto, Canada.

“My mentoring session with Nadiya was very helpful and comprehensive. I like the fact that she does thorough research before the session, provides insightful information and notes afterward. I felt comfortable talking to her about my plans and asking questions.”

Shariqa Azeem, Marketing & Communication Strategist from London, UK.

Subjects covered:
– Figuring out career choices
– Instagram basics
– How to self-tutor
– How to learn website creation
– Content management
– Options for earning online

“My mentoring session with Nadiya was very helpful as she guided me the dynamics of how to run an Instagram page. She is a mentor for me. After talking to her, I was satisfied as she gave a new direction to my personal blog.”

Hira Hassan, a mental health blogger from Lahore, Pakistan.

Subjects covered:
– Instagram page makeover
– General guidelines on how to run a blog
– ways to earn money online

“I booked a mentoring session with Nadiya and every second of it was extremely fulfilling. There was a lot to learn and her attention to detail took it all to the next level. The entire session was worth it and I’m really glad I took it. I’m very excited to work on a lot of things as guided by her and revamp my business and life altogether. She’s doing a great job and I wish her the best in everything she takes on!”

 Anushe Abdi, a food business owner from Karachi, Pakistan.
Subjects covered:
– Ways to earn money online
– Business management
– Time management
– Working from home
– Social media
– Website

“I learned every minute of the session, everything was new for me, and the ideas have really got me thinking. Thanks a lot.”

Amina Yasmin, a former teacher of Workshop Engineering at LUMS, now living in Multan, Pakistan.
Subjects covered:
– Ways to earn money online
– Website
– Social media

“I just had a mentoring session with Nadiya, it was great talking to her! I got all my queries answered, she is very sweet and friendly. Most of all, she is very comfortable with questioning and answering each one of them, simply loved the session!”

Faryal Shujaat, a software engineering graduate based in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Subjects covered:
– Website
– Business

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