My favorite way to start a day is to listen to podcasts. Almost every single morning after waking up and starting my chores, I listen to podcasts. The best part is that you can listen while you’re driving, exercising or doing house chores.

This is a sure-shot way to instantly boost happiness and grow as a person. Anyone with a smartphone can simply go into Podcasts app and subscribe to shows which you like. The following are some of my favorite motivational shows that I love listening to. Some for business and others for personal/professional growth. I would highly recommend subscribing to the following and checking out their list of episodes. You’ll find so many that you can’t wait to hear: 

Personal growth:

Professional growth

Do listen to the above shows and let me know if you’re a fan too. I would also love to know which shows are your favorite so I can subscribe to them and hear them out. Hope this helped you. Do you love listening to podcasts too? I would love to know.

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