I also provide some side services to my website clients like logo creation and photography. Following are some details of these services.


I am not a professional photographer. However, I provide basic still photography and videography services to my clients who need these services for their website or social media and cannot afford a professional photographer/videographer. I own a professional DSLR camera which I use for my shoots.

Since these are my add-on business services (not my core business services like website & social media), my rates are considerably lower than the competition. Following are some of the pictures I have taken for my clients’ websites:

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I live in Halifax, Canada. If you want to hire me for my basic photography/videography services, please request a price quote by filling the form below:

Logo Creation

I make minimalistic logos for websites. For that I could discuss your need and then send you about 10 logo options. You would be charged only when you choose one of the logos. Please find some samples below so you get an idea.

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