Pakistani Drama ‘Cheekh’ Review:⁠

I really loved watching this intense drama. Here’s why: ⁠

📺 I am really fond of suspense thrillers and I don’t really remember any other Pakistani drama which was so intense. I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat in every episode. Too much stress and excitement.

📺 I absolutely loved the romance between Mannat (Saba Qamar) and Shayan. They were the cutest couple 💏and their relationship was so realistic. Unlike other couples on TV where all wives are always found cooking or making tea for their husbands.

📺 The script was great. The storyline was very different and really interesting. Fighting against your own family is something which is extremely hard and I love strong characters who stand up for what’s right rather than backing up family even when they’re wrong.

📺 I always appreciate strong women characters in dramas. I hate the typical BECHARI aurat in dramas who does nothing but cry in hard times. Mannat was a bold and strong girl who was ready to face all the obstacles in her fight towards justice.

📺 What I loved the most is that the drama encouraged us (esp women) to fight and stand up for what’s right and not surrender to injustice.

📺 There was a lot of food for thought. It reminded us that even if standing up for what’s right is full of hardship, truth is the best way forward and all the struggle is worth it in the end.

📺 Saba Qamar did a great job in the drama. Her acting was superb and so was Wajihs. Wajih’s role was also realistic. It’s so typical of youngest kids to be really spoiled by their super- rich parents. He was a perfect example of kids who get everything that they put their hands on. They become complex characters in real life and cannot deal with situations that don’t go as they wish.

📺 Even though the drama is realistically sad and portrays that the girl who stood up for her friend’s rights lost almost everything she had (baby, husband & mom), it also gives hope in the end that even if the justice system in Pakistan is terrible, there is still hope of culprits getting punished if you properly follow through (and are lucky). But of course the price she had to pay for her fight was probably not worth it. That’s why most people give up, as they’re scared of the price of justice.

📺 The SADDEST episode for me was when Shayaan dies. They were the sweetest couple on-screen and I fell in love with Shayan and how cute they looked together. 😍⁠ It was terribly distressing when he died. But then again, they had to make it realistic as we’ve also had first-hand horrible experience of justice system in Pakistan.

  • How did you like it?⁠
  • Who was your favorite character?⁠
  • What did you like the most in it?⁠

Overall, a great job done by the Cheekh team. The best suspense thriller in Pakistani drama industry for sure.

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  1. Truly a thriller drama. I loved the way Saba Qamar played the role. Your review is awesome.

    1. Thanks a lot. glad you liked it too.

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