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15 Traits of a Man you Should NOT Marry

Nature of a man

No matter how much we try, we can never ever change the nature of a man. So it’s best to never get involved with a maniac and save your own self. Our life partners play a major role in our personality as marriage is the most important decision of our lives. If you are married to a gem of a man, your life will surely change for the better; but if you are stuck with a psycho, you will eventually go mad with him.

Different types of men

With age and experience, one learns about different types of people. At a younger age, we are vulnerable and are not able to differentiate. It is harder to catch signs early in a relationship as potential husbands are trying to be at their best behaviour. One of the traits of a narcissist is that he acts very charming so watch out as you may be falling for the wrong one!

Charming bad boys make terrible husbands

Only naive and foolish girls look for naughty and bad boys as life partners. Such boys may pass for a fling or a friend but never a husband. You need someone reliable, someone who will be your shoulder when you’re down. Someone who is strong enough to carry your weight and be there for you in your hard times. Look out for signs of the following as you never ever want to be stuck in a relationship with them.

15 Traits of a man you should NOT marry

Here is a list of men to stay away from, when it comes to marriage:

1. Atheist or Agnostic

I am a strong believer of the fact that we get our values from religion and its teachings. A person who does not believe in God, can do anything he wants. I was watching the movie ‘Don’t breathe’ in Daewoo bus last week and there was a dialog in it ‘a person who does not believe in God can do anything he wants’. It is so true and therefore we should find out about his belief in God. He must have strong values if he is a good man.

2. Narcissist

A person who has an excessive admiration for himself. He thinks the world revolves around him and he can do and live however he wants. He has a false impression of himself which he loves to project to others. He acts very charming but has unstable emotions. A narcissist interrupts conversations and wants to be the center of attention always.


3. Psychopath 

A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. These people will never learn from their mistakes. They will not be able to control their anger and emotions and will get violent and abusive. They are cold-hearted and uncaring with shallow emotions who are not willing to take up responsibility. They’re selfish, violent and unable to plan for the future. In short, a perfect definition of a guy never to get married to.

4. Complex personality

Some people have an over-thinking disease where they constantly compare themselves to others. They are affected by inferiority complex and are worried sick about how people judge them. In reality they are the ones who judge. They are obsessed by materialistic worldly possessions and are in a race where they want more and more. Deep down they know their own flaws and they are badly affected by it. If they have a smaller house or car than others, they will stop meeting them and start hating them for what they have. It is very difficult to spend a lifetime with such maniacs.

5. Abusive 

There are many types of abuse. Its basically forcing someone to do anything that he/she doesn’t want to. It can be economical, sexual, physical, verbal, emotional or psychological.

6. Control freak

Some people only want their spouse/fiance to do as they say. They expect their partners to have no say or ideas about life. They want them to only agree to whatever they say. They will make their spouse wear, do, cook what they want only. They will treat their spouse as puppets and control all their actions. They will even go to the extent of checking their mobile phones to see what their partners are up to. In most cases they will wrongly accuse their partners of having affairs with others or of lying.

7. Materialistic

It is a mans responsibility to be the breadwinner of a household. In today’s world, too many men get involved with women only for their money. If you notice him getting interested in how much you earn and your savings or investments, it’s not a good sign. Asking your parents for money is even worse. These signs should be taken seriously. Marry a man who doesn’t have his eyes on your money.

8. Hatred for your family

Your family deserves all your love and respect but if your fiance/spouse gets offended every time you spend quality time with them, your alarm bells should be ringing. There is absolutely no reason why there should be hatred for your family. If a guy doesn’t like you to even speak to your family, there is definitely something wrong with him.

9. Discourages your interests

Rather than encouraging your partner’s hobbies and interests, your life partner doesn’t want you to be busy with your hobbies. Doesn’t let you get busy with things you love.

10. Discourages socialising in your circles

Doesn’t want you to meet your friends/relatives. However, their social circles are an exception. You will still be made to meet their friends and relatives.

11. Selfish

Some people are born selfish. They choose the best for themselves and are just not willing to share the good things in life. Such people think the world only revolves around them. It is difficult to live with a man like that as marriage is based on sharing.

12. Baby of the family

Unfortunately many parents raise their sons as mama’s boys. They’re not taught to be a man and behave like one. A baby of the family will grow up to be a baby and not be ready to take up responsibilities on his shoulders. In fact he wants all the attention to himself. When he is sick, he wants you to only look after him but doesn’t care when you are ill.

13. Pessimistic 

Some people have a habit of only looking at the glass half empty. They are not raised to see the goodness in life. They have a negative aura around them and the places they live are very dark and dingy.


14. Bi-polar

Its a brain disorder which causes unusual shifts in mood, activity levels and energy in carrying out day to day tasks. There are many types of this disorder. In some cases a  person may feel very high and energetic and some may go into depression.

15. Mister Gutless

A wife needs a man who can protect her and stand up for her even when the whole world is against her. A gutless man will never stick up for his wife even when he knows she is right. He wants to be Mr. Goody good in front of the whole world especially his family and doesn’t have the guts to speak up for his wife even in the most trying times.


Good luck girls in finding the right man to marry. On a positive note, there are good men in the world who do not have any hangups and are genuine to the core. They’re stable, contented, relaxed and send happy vibes. They’re the ones you should be living your life with. They’re the ones who deserve all your love and care so save it for them. Never settle for those who exploit you or belittle you. All the best!
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