It is true that marriage is about compromises. However, we need to weigh what level of compromises are we expected to make. It is also right that marriage is for peace of mind. Marriage is about simple principles like kindness, respect and loyalty. One should always pray and hope for a good life partner.

None of us is perfect. We all have our bad habits which we should constantly try to improve. Not only for ourselves but also for our spouse who has to bear with us. I have come to the conclusion that it is not right to compromise on serious issues. In todays post, we will be discussing those threatening habits which can break a marriage instantly. In other words, marriage breakers are the points that justify divorce:

1. Atheism

When you are a Muslim and you find out your spouse does not believe in God, it calls for big trouble. That is a huge umbrella that covers multiple aspects. If he doesn’t believe in Allah, he will surely not believe in respecting women, his responsibilities and he won’t be a good person overall. Religion is our only criterion for our sense of right or wrong. If you are living with an atheist or agnostic, you cannot expect any good from that person as he does not fear anyone. He says and does whatever he wants.

2. Physical Abuse

Respect is the most important thing. During anger, if your spouse insults you, swears at you, yells at you or hits you, he is not respecting you. Without respect, there’s nothing left in marriage. When your spouse raises his physical force against you, he has crossed all boundaries. Domestic violence in a marriage is never to be taken lightly. Abuse ruins any chance of true intimacy or trust and dissolves any hope that once might have existed. There is no end to this kind of abuse and only gets worse with time so it is definitely the biggest marriage breaker.

3. Financial Abuse

When a husband doesn’t provide for his wife and kids and instead he takes her income/savings. Financial abuse is also when a husband asks wife’s family to provide for them. Marrying a girl for her money is a concept which is becoming very popular. It is nothing but exploitation. A husband should be man enough to provide for his family and should not touch wife’s earning, saving, jewellery or property. It is wife’s obligation not to be a spendthrift and live within his means. She willingly uses her money to buy gifts for her husband, kids and home. She may offer her money in times of distress but she cannot be bound to do so. Financial abuse is also when wife’s income is stopped by forcing her to quit work and then not giving her any money for her expenses. 

4. Womanising & infidelity 

If a wife has solid proof that she is being cheated and that her husband is a womanizer, it surely is a marriage breaker. There’s no way a wife can and should tolerate the fact that her husband is with other women behind her back. I have heard of extreme cases of making wife sleep with others for money. In such cases, immediate divorce or khula is to be filed.

5. Absent in your Hard Times

It is so true that a person’s true face is only visible in times when you are in big trouble. E.g. death of your family member, seriously ill family member, when you yourself are having health issues or are in a financial crisis. Ideally, husband-wife companionship should be the strongest during these times. But unfortunately, very few couples pass this calamity test. Your alarm bells should ring if your spouse is creating problems for you when you are going through the worst time in your life.  No point of small talk and companionship when you are not supportive of each other in hard times.

There is no point of watching movies together or going out for ice-cream if your life companion can’t be there for you when you need him the most.

6. Drinking

When your spouse has a severe drinking habit. There is no end to the drinking habit. The person who drinks is not in his senses and can do whatever he likes. It is tragic that a lot of educated Muslims have turned to drinking. This point may not be very important for some but it surely is vital for me. 

7. Hatred for your Family

This is when your spouse does not let you talk, see or visit your own family. And when your spouse hates your family more than anyone else for no obvious reason other than the fact that you love them. This only shows that he is an insecure person and is seriously complexed. 

8. Doesn’t want kids

There are people in the world who do get married but they don’t want to have children. In case they find out their wife is expecting, they force her to get an abortion done. This is something extremely wrong. If he doesn’t want kids, he should’ve told her this before marriage. It isn’t right to be against children in a marriage where the wife wants children.

Compromise or not?

In my opinion, if a husband isn’t defined by the above points, a woman should make all other compromises in marriage.

However, if unfortunately, your husband is indulging in the above, you should definitely be concerned about your marriage. You need to seek help.

The reason I wrote this article is that I see so many wives suffering in terrible marriages and stay married only because they think they don’t have a choice. They are sill enough to worry about:

  • What people will say
  • Telling truth to parents (Parents think all is well)
  • Divorce and its consequences
  • Their children’s future
Only the last point has a little weight as of course children from broken families do have adverse effects on their personality. However, a child who sees his parents constantly fighting has even worse effects on his personality.
If you are lucky not to have kids and the above 8 qualities define your husband, you should know that it is wiser to leave the relationship now rather than wasting more of your life.


In the end, I would like to share the following duas:

For single women

“My dear Allah! Please bless me with a righteous man. A man who believes in Allah, has good values, habits and is a joy to my eyes. May Allah unite us in goodness. Who loves me and cares about me and my family. Ameen”

For those who are in unfortunate marriages

“Dear Allah! I hope for your mercy, so do not leave me in charge of my affairs even for a blink of an eye and rectify for me all of my affairs. None has the right to be worshipped except you.


Oh, Allah! Please help me make this most difficult decision of my life as I am bruised up and want to escape evil. I want to live a good life away from negativity and abuse. Please give me that inner strength to be able to take this bold step and please make it easy for me. I am scared as I have such a big burden on me but I know you are my only witness and know how much I have suffered. I am on the brink of taking this brave decision because I trust in You and know You have better plans for me. I pray doors of happiness be opened for me. Oh, Allah! Forgive me and make it easy for me and my family. Ameen”

It is advised to read Dua-e-Istakhara and Dua-e-Hajat and make a decision.

For happily married couples

“Thank you, Allah! for blessing me with a righteous spouse whom I love and adore more than anything in the world. Thank you so much for protecting me from evil and bestowing upon us a life of contentment and bliss together. I pray that our respect, love and loyalty for each other grows every day and that we live a happy, healthy life together. Oh, Allah! Keep us on the right path, make our bond stronger and let us spend our life together as I can’t bear the thought of us parting. May we always be the apple of each other’s eyes and have virtuous children. Ameen”

Feedback Please 

  • What are your thoughts on the above?
  • Would you like to add anything to the discussion?
  • Would love to hear from you.

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  1. Wooww. . .such a nice read . .. Although it is reflecting only one perspective, still it serves the purpose, i will ask my wife to read this article 🙂

    1. Hey Mudassar. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you read the article and plan to share it with your wife. Hope she agrees. All the best. 🙂

    1. THank you.

  2. Just read your article of 8 points of knowing it’s over. I would say there are a few things that should be added. Like a habitual liar or a deceiver, trust issues, some1 who blames you for everything in his life, puts you down, and most of all, emotional abuse is worst than any of the above mentioned points. It slowly sabotages your entire being and one gets ill not even mentally but physical too over time. Don’t u think???

    1. Hi Anum. Thanks for your feedback. Lying is a terrible trait in a spouse which I mentioned in my article ‘Traits of a man you should not marry’. It includes control issues too. However Emotional abuse is hard to detect which is why divorce can’t be suggested in its case. One has to consult marriage consultant or psychologist. However, divorce is a personal choice and for each, priorities are different. I just shared a basic criteria which worked in my case and from what I learned from my experience in life. Yes I agree for each its different.

  3. Wowwwww such a heart touching article… i kust love your duas…..

    1. Glad you liked it. all the best

  4. Just read your article. It was awesome.
    There are so many issues in our society.everyone is facing n fighting with different issues.our problems are not same.i want to share my issue. You are of my daughter’s 52years now. I faced all these issues whole of married life to save my children but I’m failed. One year back I decided to live separately. But the pain is still their I’m unable to get out of this troma.even my three of children are standing with me.i would say you are a brave girl. Always stay blessed

    1. Thank you for sharing your trauma with me. It can be so hard to move out of a bad marriage. May ALlah make this journey easier for you.

  5. Beautiful article. Thank u nadiya for sharing some useful piece of information

    1. THank you.

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