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Hi guys, I hope you are well. I am so thrilled to introduce stories of struggle, survival and strength on my blog. Today I will be sharing the first story in this brand new series.

Meet this lovely soul Momna! She has had her share of hard times in life at a very young age. I’m excited to have her here on my blog today where she’s sharing her life story and a message of hope for all those struggling today! Let’s hear it from her.

Our life experiences can be full of struggle. We rise by lifting others. I think, in pain and hardship there is a beauty through which we grow. There is a certain kind of hope and beauty that I find in struggle. These tests gave me power and I decided to fight for myself. Believe me when I say that we have the power to do anything in this world, nothing is ever impossible. We just need the motivation.

The struggle that I went through gave me the motivation to bring a change in myself and help others. I always try to be kind to others because you never know what one might be going through. We may not be able to take the circumstances away but we can always remind each other that it’s okay to be in this dark and depressing place, as long as we don’t make it our identity. I always like to help or motivate people going through such circumstances because I too have been through this, and I know what it feels like to be on your own, scared and confused.

I graduated while I was struggling with depression and struggling to make my own identity. Most people think I’m lucky that I got the opportunity to complete my BS and then my MS from Birmingham City University, but honestly that’s just what they see. I’ve been through a lot to reach to this point.

I was still in primary school when I lost my mother and elder sister in the earthquake in 2005. That was a really hard time for me because I was really close to both of them. I was facing severe anxiety attacks and depression at an age when you’re not supposed to have a care in the world.

Ten years passed by, in between which I completed my school and then my college, while still struggling with depression and anxiety. After college, I got into university. Things finally seemed to be falling into place; I was getting over my depressive state, living a happy life with my father, brother and sister but I guess one never knows what’s coming next.

My father got diagnosed with cancer. I was torn. I could never in a thousand years imagine him leaving me, I used to comfort myself with the thought that he’ll fight cancer and everything will turn out to be okay and we’ll be together in the end. But he lost that fight and that day, a part of me died.

A lot happened in between, I started going back into my state of sorrow. So my brother took me to London where I got admission in the Birmingham City University. It took me forever to adjust in a new country but I managed and got through it. I graduated. Today I’m happy and content with my life. I’m proud of what I have become and I’m sure that my Abu, Ammi and Aashi baji would be proud too.

A lot of people left me because of my depression and I don’t blame them because in the end, it’s always you. You have to help yourself. Sure, we all have our families and friends to support us but trust me when I say this, no one can help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be depressed, it’s okay to have anxiety, it’s okay to feel like you’re alone in this world and you don’t have anyone. We all have our days, it’s okay. But just remember to not make it part of your identity. Help yourself. Love yourself. Everything is going to be okay, this hard time will pass trust me.

In the end, I’d like to say that whatever happens just don’t give up. The least I can do to play my part as a human being is motivate anyone who’s reading this. I came to a point in my life where even continuing my studies felt impossible. But I didn’t give up, and I wouldn’t want anyone to do that either. Sometimes when you feel like you don’t have anyone in this world, you turn to God. And that is what I did.

I know it seems like one of those sentences “Namaz Quran parho depression chali jaye gi”, but that’s not what I’m trying to say. Mental illness is real. It has nothing to do with religion. But trust me, turning towards God can bring peace to your heart, and you’ll change for the better. I turned to God and started spending more time with my family and that really helped me get through my depression.

So surround yourself with your family and loved ones, people that you trust, people that won’t leave you when things get difficult. And if you still think you have no one, I’m here. I know this sounds quite lame because I might be a total stranger to you but to anyone who’s reading this, and is struggling with depression or going through a hard time, just know that in the end, if you still have no one, I’ll be here. I’ll listen to you. I’ll help you.

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I would like to thank you Momna for your precious time and effort in this guest post. It sure is hard to look back at one’s difficult times and recall all the painful memories. I can’t even begin to imagine what you went through.

I am truly touched by your strength and positivity. May you always shine like this and may Allah bless you with the best in this world and the next. Ameen.

Thank you, followers, for reading this article and sharing it with your friends and family.


I am currently taking entries for guest posts in this series: Stories of struggle, survival and strength. If you have had your share of hard times in life and want to share your story here as an inspiration for others, please email me a summary of your life story and how you coped along with good quality photographs.

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  1. More power to you Momna .. And Nadiya you doing great job.. This is so much important to share inspirational stories specially when there is lot of negativity around. And we never know what people are going through.

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation and the sweet comment Aniqa. I really appreciate it. Yes I will try to share more of such inspirational stories on my blog.

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