Your big day will be just around the corner, so any final preparations are essential. Most of your wedding plans will have been done, but there are a few little things you can do to make your wedding that little less stressful, whether that be getting your playlist ready or wearing in your shoes. Below are five things to prepare just before your wedding day.

Wearing your shoes in

You may not have thought it yet, but this is crucial to do before your wedding day. On your special day, you will be on your feet a lot, greeting guests and moving around for different photo opportunities. If your shoes are new and you are wearing them for the first time on your wedding day, you can expect them to rub and cause a lot of pain you will want to avoid. In the weeks before the wedding, wear your shoes around the house to get used to them and wear them in.

Packing for the honeymoon

Traditionally, many couples will go straight from their wedding to the airport the next day for their honeymoon. Although this isn’t as popular now, your honeymoon may be within a couple of days of your wedding. Getting packed before your wedding will help reduce the number of things you are having to think about the days leading up to your wedding and reduce your stress levels. This way, you can arrive home knowing you are ready to go when your honeymoon approaches.

Hair and make up trails

If you’ve hired a professional to do your hair and make-up, it’s a good idea to do a trial a week or two before the wedding. This way, you can see what your makeup will look like and make any changes you may need before the big day. The last stress you want is lousy makeup on your wedding day because you did try out your make up artist first. Having a trial is also an excellent way to get your bridesmaids together and get excited about the wedding in a few weeks.

Check-in with your photographer

It’s advised that you get in touch with your wedding photographer on the lead up to the wedding to make sure everything is alright. They may want to do a run-through of the day and night so that they can prepare themselves and get the best possible shots of your wedding. Sometimes the wedding photographer may also want to meet you at the venue to get an idea of how the place looks. If you are getting married abroad, in Australia, a natural wedding photographer could help reduce your stress, knowing that your photographer is prepared.

Get a good nights sleep

It’s your big day, and you are bound to be nervous. Try your best to get a good night’s sleep the day before to feel fresh and ready for your special day. Even if you go to bed early and are all tucked in, your eyes will be resting, ready to look all beautiful and dulled up the next day.  

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