Since my transition towards a more natural lifestyle, I have been hunting for chemical-free shampoo & conditioner that work for my hair. Ever since I moved, the Canadian weather made my hair extremely dry and full of split ends.

I was approached by a brand named Monat a few months ago. MONAT (MOdern NATure) is revolutionary hair care company with naturally based ingredients and products that actually work!

Whether you’re looking for more volume or to turn frizzy, fried strands into smooth, supple locks – MONAT has the solution you’re looking for.

I have recently been concerned about harmful chemicals in our daily products. So I went through the website and was happy to read that their products have:

  • No parabens, No sulphates
  • No Phthalates, DEA/MEA, PEG, Harsh salt systems, harmful colors or harmful fragrances.

All this basically means that it’s a vegan hairline that uses more natural ingredients which don’t cause irritations to the scalp or eyes.

I then took over a month to try different products in their range and realize that they ACTUALLY WORK WONDERS! Their shampoos and conditions have really won my heart. They’re actually better than any products I’ve ever used. They make my hair so much softer, shinier and in an overall better condition. I wanted to come here and share my great experience with you guys so you can also benefit from their products.

Monat products have hydrating cleansers that penetrate and moisturize the scalp. These products support the restoration of hair’s youthful vitality by adding moisture back into the hair.

That’s why the moment I put conditioner on my wet hair, within seconds, I can feel its texture transform into smooth and shiny strands. These products work great with my curls. I have a friend who used to wear a wig as she was losing hair and it was very thin. Now she uses Monat hairline and has got rid of the wig. She has beautiful curls now.

MONAT is currently in US, Canada & UK. Their prices are higher than most hairline products off the shelf but they definitely work so much better and aren’t harmful to hair. My most favourite products are their shampoos, conditioners, Airdry cream and leave-in conditioners. Check out their website below to finalize your order:

Once you have decided which products you want, you can simply place your order at the link below. Don’t forget to mention my reference before you order:

I would love to find out how these products work on your hair.

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  1. Hey Nadia i just read this , a very useful information you have shared indeed .would love to try these products out and then share my feedback

    1. Thank you for your comment. Definitely worth a try.

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