Nothing in this world is free of charge. Nothing is unconditional especially not love. Love is never fair unless both give and take equally. Hurt is when you give but don’t get. There is a limit to unconditional love before it becomes a pain. Love you forever does not exist; love only till we’re fair is the name of this game.
The Margallas, Islamabad
Each one of us is selfish and only wants the best for himself. Whatever you do in life is calculated.  You get favors only till you pay for them. No one here is altruistic. You don’t get kindness, until you have earned it. If you haven’t bought the care you’re receiving, beware of the higher price you will be made to pay.
There is no margin for lapse. Any moment all your liberties may be gone. The key is never to be in a position where you rely on others.  Others are all those except yourself. It’s true, life is what you make out of it. Autonomy is the key. If you have to ask anyone for anything, it’s a favor. And unfortunately each and every act of benevolence is calculated in life and has to be returned in full measure with due interest.
Never expect any decency in this world. If anything good comes to you, you didn’t earn it, consider it your good luck. Do only what is required of you, anything in addition only hits you back like a boomerang. If you show kindness to others and go out of the way for them, doesn’t mean that they will return the favor and do the same. Beware of the person on whom you are most generous. Unfortunately it may be this very person who abuses you.
If you confide even in those you love, one day they will exploit every detail in their spit against you. People deceive and take advantage of you when you are most vulnerable or needy. They will hurt you exactly when you bleed the most. The more exposed you are, the stronger you must pretend to be. The more hurt or miserable you are, the more contented you should appear to be; so no one can further crush you.  
If something good comes your way, you may need to screen your happiness as no one really shares your ecstasy except for someone who can profit from it. Even the best love stories are full of exploitation and not even close to a fairy tale. We’re lucky if we get to spend a few peaceful and pleasant moments with someone in harmony. In the end we’re all on our own. Learning to love one’s own company is as important as learning to accept the poignant veracities of life.
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  1. I love your writing. I find this piece not to be true always. There are good and bad people and I think I have had my share of experience with them all. I hope you can experience the unconditional love and then reflect. Miss your updates, keep writing

  2. Thanks for the feedback. True, this was a really negative post on my blog. I don't usually express so much pessimism but I guess a blog is the only place one can express bad feelings just to vent once in a blue moon. 😀 Mashallah I'm very blessed and know now that unconditional love exists.

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