Calm parenting

Are you struggling with parenting anger?

No doubt, motherhood can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Some days I’m head over heels in love with my baby, and then the very next day I feel extremely frustrated at her. One constant challenge of motherhood is how to control my temper. Following are some things that help me cope and keep me from raising my voice/hand at my little one: 

  1. Every month, read updates on their current stage & developments through apps like BabyCenter. This helps us understand why they’re acting the way they are. Once we know, we are more understanding.
  2. Remember they are having challenges of their own. e.g. teething, brain development, gas, growth spurt etc. so we have to give them the benefit of doubt. 
  3. Focus on how little and how cute these little humans are. Observe their little fingers and toes.
  4. Remember they’re so helpless & defenceless. They depend on us for everything.
  5. We are their whole world. They love us and want to be with us all the time & they fail to understand that we can’t because of our responsibilities/commitments).  
  6. Remember this too shall pass and it’s only a phase. 
  7. Remind yourself how little they are and so is their brain. They are capable of comprehending a lot of information.
  8. Just like how we get frustrated as we can’t understand what they want, they get frustrated at us too as they don’t know what we want. So our babies are getting as annoyed at us as we are with them.  Miscommunication is often the problem. 
  9. Even though their stages can be really challenging for us, it is actually a sign of healthy growth and a process for them to learn the world. 
  10. Breathing exercises really help calm us down. 
  11. Drink water. Grab a bite. Many times we haven’t eaten for hours and hours when we’re babysitting and busy addressing our babies endless needs. 
  12. Take a break. Ask your partner to take over till you take a break to unwind & rejuvenate. The best break is to exercise. 
  13. Remind yourself that this is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’. Once they grow up, they will never be so dependent on us. 
  14. Patience is one of the biggest virtues so we improve as humans when we learn to be more patient. 
  15. Remember our children are observing us at all times. How we behave in anger is how they will learn to behave when they’re angry. 

Can you relate?

What helps you cope with anger when you’re looking after your little ones? How do you handle your frustration towards your little ones? 

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