Missing those stolen days of charm

Like the deserts miss the rain

For the sake of shattered hope

Wading through these oceans of pain

Traveling an eternal journey

That started as a conclusion of disaster

Walking through the depths of agony

Yet going on and on faster

A walk to eternity

Being forced to go on

Hoping for a ray of light to appear

Through a solid wall

Knowing there’s no dodging path

No escape from the ironical bar

Feeling only shadows surround

Seeing only particles of dust by far

Looking for light through forbidden bars

Crying with hysterical tears

Pondering through the thoughts of neglect

Trying to overcome my fears

Looking through shattered glass for hope

Yet achieving at all, no gain

Blindly sipping tears of salt

As the cure lies in the pain

I wrote this poem around 2006. But, even today, I recall these words in times of grief. May Allah make it easier for those who are suffering today! Ameen.

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