Major Life Change

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A lot of you have been inquisitive about an upcoming change in my life. For months now, I have been getting messages on my Insta-stories asking me why I am packing up. For the past 6 months, everything that has happened in my life has been affected by this major life change. Everything that happens this point onward will be classified in a completely different lifespan. This marks the end of an era and a start of one completely new. Well, here is the news finally:

My husband and I are moving from Lahore, Pakistan to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada very soon

This isn’t something that I was ever keen on, or wanted to do, it is just something that I had to come to terms with. After spending 5 tough years in London, I have become a very patriotic person. I love the life in Pakistan. I believe this life has two most important things that one needs in life ‘peace of mind’ and ‘quality of life’. Here you get ample time after work hours for your family, friends and hobbies. You don’t have to compromise on your priorities. It is so true when they say ‘Home is where your mom is’.

In my opinion and from my experience, life abroad is too robotic. I was actually a robot when I lived and worked there. Finding a job in a new country is always difficult as they ask for work experience in that country which you of course don’t have. I suffered a lot in my career when I moved from Karachi to London in 2008 as I had to start from scratch. When I moved back from London to Islamabad 5 years ago, I again had to start from scratch as they didn’t acknowledge my work experience in London. So I had to start all over again and it took me years to finally get to where I am where I was appreciated. Finally everything had fallen into place and all the struggle had finally paid off.

So when I heard that we got the Canadian Permanent Residency which my husband had applied for both of us, I traveled between shock, denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance. This is why the last few days, weeks and months have been extremely hard for me mentally and physically.

Lahore has been an amazing episode of our lives. I will always look back to the last two years I spent in this lively city. Finally after 11 years of work experience, I had found my perfect workplace. I finally got the position, pay, freedom at work and Table Tennis that I always wanted at work. Allah ka shukar, our home has been peaceful and there wasn’t much interference. We had an amazing social life. Friends to die for. Every weekend was spent with relatives and friends in the most fun way possible. Due to this move to Canada now,

  • We both had to quit our well paying jobs
  • We both had to sell our cars
  • Had to close all sports membership, accounts etc
  • Farewell gifts and visits to all family members and friends
  • Packing in endless categories (shipment, check-in luggage, donations, giveaways etc)
  • Heart sinking goodbyes to the ones closest to us

I resigned from my job 3 weeks earlier so I could get a little time with my family in Islamabad. These 3 weeks have been extremely busy and hectic but so worth it! I plan to write more about how this time flew and how I managed 20 appointments in one day and yet had the time of my life!

It is really going to be a major change in my life. We have a lot at stake and are hoping to find jobs there all over again. Need prayers. Such changes are always scary, mind-boggling and huge. It breaks my heart to say goodbye to my amazing life here in Pakistan, and my dearest family. But all that I can do is pray for the best, be patient and work harder!

I have to say Farewell Pakistan with a heavy heart but this land will always have my heart. No matter which nationalities or passports I get, I will always only be a Pakistani…. from my heart and soul. Pakistan will always be home and where I belong. 

If you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I would love you to connect and share tips with me. I will be so grateful. Off we go!

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I have packed up this room which we set up with so much love. Lahore has been such an amazing episode of our lives. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of life there. My ideal family (Mashallah), dream job (after 10 years of struggling positions/workplaces), regular Tennis (everyday after office), Table Tennis (in office which I have always always wanted). I have dreamed of a workplace 5 minutes drive from my house and I finally got that in Lahore. And a perfect sports club 5 minutes drive too. Had the most fun colleagues. My own family was only a few hours drive away and we visited each other often. I had bought the perfect red car which is a joy to drive. To top it up, we had an awesome social life and a full time maid to sort everything at home. Life is hardly ever perfect, but it was. Lahore you will be missed immensely! Now when everyone asks me if I'm excited about the upcoming move, I'm lost for words and a bit upset too. I can't help it. I finally got everything that I have ever wanted. Yet there was no choice. It is very hard to give up everything which you finally get after years of struggle. After the decision was made, I went through different phases from shock, resistance, denial to finally acceptance. Let's see what life has in store for us. 🙄 #emotionalrollercoaster #move #themove #shifting #lahore #Islamabad #homeiswheretheheartis #homeiswhereyourmomis #homeiswhereyourcatis #familyovereverything #homesweethome #moving #familyfirst #thestruggleisreal #bigadventure #explore #discover #photowall #home

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  1. Poppy says:

    Inshallah all will be well. Moving to a new country is a huge step but I’m sure it will be wonderful for both of you. All the best!

  2. Omar Ansari says:

    I can relate to the stream of emotions when faced with such major life change!
    Good luck for the future.

  3. Zara says:


  4. Anum says:

    i too really wish if my family could go to Canada too. If you could share some tips please.

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