Finally, I’m sharing this exciting journal today! I’ve created countless journals that I’ve shared here on my blog. Many of them took only 3 days. This one took over 2.5 years. That’s how crazy how life becomes when you become a mom. When you become a mom, you will never be your first priority. So, of course, you give up things you love doing in the process… But eventually, I got it done, I’m so glad.

It covers the 9 months of my pregnancy and 1st year of Nyras life! But remember, pictures never do justice especially to journals as you can really never see their true colors, quality or beauty through photos but I tried my best. Even though I had been gifted commercial baby books to document her first year, I decided to create one. This is because I find journaling and scrapbooking so therapeutic. It really is a great hobby! The only downside is that it can be very time-consuming especially when you have a little one with never-ending needs!

Stay tuned for video of this journal on my YouTube channel. If you loved turning the pages and checking this journal out, please don’t forget to leave a comment below. I love hearing from you all.

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  1. Wooow amazing 👏

    1. Thank you.

    2. This is so amazing!!
      You literally have created a whole memory in this way. Very precious a thing. I think its a great idea to pen down all of your journey for your first and further.
      Memorable investmnt for lifetime!! ♡
      Good way of even children having to know their journey when they grow up.
      Impressed. 👏

      1. TYSM. I also love making these journals. So therapeutic. thank you

  2. I’m really enjoying your journal and I’m looking at it whenever i find time with my little one.., and each and every word is giving me a thrill and calm at the same time to think about the time when my son was born… by the way he is 1.5 year by now. Alhamdulillah

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you’re enjoying!

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