I just love how beautifully travel journals preserve our precious holiday memories. 

Its always an exciting time for me when I have finished a travel journal. This was the first and only journal that I have completed after having a baby and I must say it was really hard for me to take out time for it.

Its from our only holiday after baby to a place called Digby within our province Nova Scotia. We didn’t want to go far away as we wanted Nyra to be comfortable. We decided to make this a ‘minimalistic holiday’ and I packed very less and didn’t apply makeup or take my DSLR camera. Honestly, it felt so easy, light and good to obsess less and enjoy more.

Just like my previous Ottawa travel journal, I made this one on city brochures. So many advantages of this:

  • I don’t have to spend on a new travel journal
  • I get to reuse brochures from the city
  • I get the info I need for my journals like map & area info

I’m sharing the journal with you below. Here is where you’ll find all my travel journals. I’m crazy about making journals and have made sooo many which you can find on my blog in Travel Journals and Genealogy Journal section. I am still working on my pregnancy & baby journal that I plan to share once I’m done.

Please go through the journal by clicking on the right arrows.

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