Sri Lanka Honeymoon Travel Journal

Sri Lanka Honeymoon Travel Journal

I have been obsessed with travel journals for a while now. I have already shared my Europe travel journal with you here, my Dubai 2015 travel journal with you here and my Nathia Gali travel journal with you here. Today I am really excited to share my Sri Lanka Honeymoon travel journal with you. This post will be full of pictures which are in order. Some pages are repeated for a detailed view.  You can see this journal in video as well on my You Tube channel here

In this travel journal, I used the following items:

– Left over currency (LKR and coins)
– Postal stamps 
– Sand from Unawatuna beach
– Tickets
– Receipts
– Cinnamon leaves
– Cinnamon tree bark
– Pictures
– Small mirrors
– Cloth pieces
– Pictures
– Brochures
– Day itinerary by tour guide
– Maps
– Luggage tags
– Air tickets
– Mobile sim
– Clothes tags (shopped from there)
– Post cards
– Stickers 
– Tea bag
– Sketches
– Coasters from hotel
– CD from temple of tooth relic
– Printed tissue paper
– Brown sugar packet
– Butter seal
– Sea Shells
– Glitter
– Public bathroom coupon
– Hotel note pad page
– Local mango juice logo
– Mihin Lanka airline tooth picks
– Hotel key card

The postal stamps I used in this journal were the duplicate stamps from the envelope which I exchanged with my Sri Lankan friend while I was there. As you can see above, sky is really the limit when it comes to what you can use in scrapbooks or journals. There is no right or wrong in art anyway. Its your thing so you can do whatever you feel like. In my first travel journal on Europe, I wrote too much. In my second on Dubai, I wrote only in bullet points. In my Sri Lankan journal, I decided to keep it very simple and not write at all. So this one is all visual. Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

A big thank you to my cousins Amina Apa and Hasan Jafar for giving me the perfect wedding gift in the form of Honeymoon memories travel journal. Loved filling it up. Here is a link to the You Tube video of this journal. Thank you all for stopping by. 

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10 Replies to “Sri Lanka Honeymoon Travel Journal”

  1. Thanks for sharing ideas on what material to use for Travel journals. very helpful indeed. Love the colourful journal.

  2. Hi Nadiya, As i am getting married in Jan and feeling inspired with your journey already,may i know where did you get your honeymoon journal and wedding journal ?? Thanks in advance.

  3. Yes it was an awesome holiday. Loved every bit of sri lanka. Wow thats great that you lived in Lahore. I'm loving life in Lahore nowadays. I can relate to you too now 😀 hope to see you soon

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