Your husband-to-be has one of the most challenging jobs: choosing the right engagement ring. As a guy, there’s a good chance he has no idea what to look for in women’s jewelry.

It’s easy to let him handle it and wait for the surprise, yet plenty of brides-to-be don’t want a shock. Your engagement ring is going to last a lifetime, so it should be something you love. Thankfully, there are ways to simplify the process so that he gets it right at the first time of asking.

1. Talk It Through

Some couples like to go shopping together; however, you may feel that this will ruin the experience. Part of the engagement is the surprise element, and being there when he buys it means there won’t be one. The middle ground is to speak about it beforehand. Modern couples tend to talk about things such as marriage and kids to ensure they’re on the same page. By telling him about your preferences – platinum, gold or silver – he should remember when it comes time to pop the question. Plus, a couple of strategic reminders never hurt anybody.

2. Note Your Ring Size

There is nothing as annoying as putting on the ring for the first time to find it doesn’t fit. Sure, it’s not difficult to get it re-sized yet it takes away from the moment. Like Cinderella’s slipper, you want to roll on to your finger and fit like a glove. This is why it’s important to write down your ring size. After all, it doesn’t take away from the revelation as you still won’t have any clue what he picked. But, it means the rock should be perfect. And, it lets him filter out the ones which wouldn’t fit anyway. Check out for more info.


3. Have the Budget Discussion

Diamonds are expensive and no one wants to spend three months’ wages on something which isn’t right. For men, this is one of the biggest pressures. What if the style is wrong? What if it doesn’t fit and can’t be re-sized? What if it’s a fake? Https:// can help with the latter if he is worried. The best thing to do is to set a budget so that he doesn’t feel as if he has to spend a small fortune. Limit the amount at no more than $2,000 to make the process a little bit easier.

4. Tell Him If You Don’t Want One

Now, this may sound ridiculous, but more women are warming to the possibility of not having an engagement ring. According to, gender stereotypes are fluid today and brides don’t have to be the ones to wear a ring.

Plus, money is tight and couples would rather spend the cash on something they can both enjoy, such as an exotic honeymoon. There is no better way to simplify the process than not having to shop for it in the first place.


Hopefully, this will help both of you avoid unnecessary hassle and stress.

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