Every bride and groom want their wedding to be remembered for the best of reasons, and here are just a few finishing touches that could help to make your day a memorable one.

DIY Photo Booth

Leave a range of props and backdrops for your guests to use with a DIY photo booth. They will have great fun dressing up and taking photos and you will find that your day is already on the way to being unforgettable. Of course, there will be all the official photographs of the bride and groom in their wedding clothes, the bridesmaids showing off their dresses and the little ones being extremely proud of their flower girl shoes and the pretty adornment in their hair. All of which will make for some great memories.

As important as these will be, the fun photographs will be shown around between your guests for ages after the big day. It is a chance for people to make a fool of themselves if they want, without doing any harm at all.

Create Their Own Accessories

At the reception, have a table of creative things such as feathers, pre-cut pieces of card, sequins, buttons, clips, a stapler and some glue. Let them make their own accessories before any more photos are taken of the day. You may be surprised just how creative some people can be and they will make buttonholes and fascinators among other things. This will also be something they can take away with them as a reminder of your wedding day.


Bring Your Own Desserts

Not everyone eats desserts. Sometimes it is because they are watching their weight or they could have dietary issues that prevent them from having too much sugar. Forget asking your caterers to provide desserts and have a table for guests to bring along their favourite one. Then if bring a fruit salad or something along those lines, they will be able to have something without feeling guilty or making themselves ill.

Leave some little cards and pens so that people can say who made what and then if someone really likes a particular desert they can ask the maker for the recipe.

Treats At Midnight

Weddings are an all-day event. You and your guests might have a meal at about 2 or 3 and then a buffet in the evening. Get to midnight though and guests will be getting hungry again and a midnight feast could be the answer.  Maybe have some hot pies or Cornish pasties, but for some people that will be too much. A few sausage rolls or some pots of ice cream will be plenty for some of them.

You could also arrange for a local fish and chip van to turn up as the evening gets really late, and then they can have the choice of whatever they fancy without you laying out any further money.

When so much planning goes into a wedding all that anyone wants is for it to run smoothly. However, if you can create something that makes your day even more special, you will have happy guests as well as a happy couple.

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