The humble mobile phone allows us to do so more today than our first phones did.

Today’s phone is more than just a communications device, it’s a portal to another world. It’s a record shop, a social hub, a GPS, a personal organizer, and pretty much whatever else you want it to be. You don’t know how you’d get by without yours and neither does your significant other.

When your partner is allowed to handle your phone, and when you are allowed to handle theirs, this is an implicit act of trust. We have become so reliant on these devices that it is considered a statement of trust and intimacy. It shows that you have no secrets from each other.

With this in mind, when your partner is secretive of their phone, it’s only natural that we might assume the worst. We assume that he’s cheating on us, has had a fling, or at worst is having an affair. However, while secrecy around his phone can be a distressing sign, it could have a whole lot of other meanings, some of them could be very nice for you. First of all, it’s worth pointing out…

He’s not stupid!

He loves you and he would never want to break your heart. He knows how special you are and how lucky he is to have you! You have a loving and mutually trusting relationship and that’s something only a weapons-grade idiot would forfeit.

He’s planning a party for you

Do you see him check his ringing phone and see your friend’s name or face flash up before he answers and retreats to another room? Does he exchange glances with your friends or family and you notice something furtive pass between them. Don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely that he has designs on your best friend. It’s far more probable that he’s planning a party for you and is organizing it along with your friends and relatives. Just remember to act surprised!

Likewise, if he’s happy for you to scroll through his messages and call history but won’t let you near his emails it’s possible that he’s planning a surprise getaway for you.

He’s about to ask you a very important question

If your partner is suddenly secretive of their phones it may be that you have an unexpected but very welcome life change on the cards in the foreseeable future. If you notice a lot of calls from unfamiliar landline numbers or diamond guide websites like in your shared computer’s search history, there’s likely a far less insidious reason why he doesn’t want you looking at his phone. Just try not to let out an excited squeal every time he crouches to tie his shoelace.

He just values his privacy

Sometimes, no matter how much they love you, people are private by nature. While it’s important to respect this, you can help to clear the air by explaining your anxieties to him. He will slowly but surely get more comfortable letting you into the most guarded parts of his life.

While it’s human nature to jump to the worst case scenario, just because your significant other gets secretive around his phone doesn’t mean that you should assume the worst of him and your relationship!

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