Being in the dating world can be tough. But when you’re single, it’s just what you do when you want to find love.

We’re all adults here. So it’s important to make sure that you are working towards what you want. That you’re dating the right people. That you’re being yourself. And you’re trying to connect with the person that is set to be your soul mate in the best possible way.

But in order to do that, you need to be focused. You need to make sure that you’re setting the right intentions for your dates, and that you’re able to judge how things are going. Of course, if you’re not ready to be serious just yet, this may not apply to you. But if you are, let’s take a look at what can help you here.


To start with, you’re going to want to think about how compatible you are together.

Are there sparks flying?

Do you feel comfortable together?

Do you have things in common and shared values?

If you’re getting a lot of yes’s here, then it’s always going to be a good sign.


A very important consideration is that of values. Try to discuss important beliefs so you know where the other person stands. I believe the reason for failing in most marriages is a difference in important values in life. An example of this can be faith and family values. If these play a major role in your life, it is important that your potential partner also respects these or ideally feels strongly about them too.

Body Language

Next, you’ve got the idea of reading their body language. Because you can often tell a lot from how somebody is acting. They may say one thing but then do another. So it’s important for you to be able to read the non-verbal signs that are coming your way too. Especially if you want to understand the situation as much as possible.


It may be true that most couples don’t have the same interests in life. But they must have at least a few interests which are similar. Pay attention to what he/she loves to do and is excited about in life. These can all be big indicators.

If your interests aren’t aligned, then it could show that the date may not be successful. If you want this to be serious, then you need to have the same intentions and want the same things out of the date, the relationship, and life in general.


Next, you’re going to want to go off of the conversation that took place too.

Are you starting to talk about getting serious?

Do they want to get married and have children?

Are they indicating that they want to settle down?

Sometimes, it’s not about reading signs, but about what’s actually being said. You’ve got your wedding eBook in mind and you know what you want. So make sure that you are actually listening to what’s going on so that you can find the person you are meant to marry.

Gut Feeling

And finally, there’s also your gut instinct to consider too.

Are you someone that trusts their intuition?

Do you often get the most accurate feelings about people and situations?

If you do, then you need to be able to trust your gut feelings here. If you are really sure that this worked out, then you could be on the right track. If you felt natural and you enjoyed the date and you were at ease, it’s a good sign. But don’t ignore any warning signs, because they often exist for a reason.

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