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Assalamualaikum! Can you guess my excitement today? I will be sharing my latest travel journal with you.

I have been really enthusiastic about this project as it is my first ever journal in Urdu. I think travel journals are an excellent way to preserve your memories from a cherished holiday.

As soon as I came back from our expedition, I spent a few lunch breaks in office and some late night sessions to complete it in one week.

About holiday in Kalash

Just a brief introduction of this holiday. Nine of us traveled together with an exciting tour company Ghoomo Phirro to the biggest valley of Kalash named Bumburet in Chitral. This area is in the KPK district of Pakistan and is on the border with Afghanistan. The tour was from 12-17th of May 2017.

For those of you who missed my brief summary of our Kalash trip, here is the link.

Highlights Of Our Kalash Tour 12-17 May 2017

I had won a free ticket of this trip in a lucky draw. My excitement was unreal.

We started off in a van at 9 pm and surprisingly it took us 32 hours to get to the most exotic place on this planet. We spent two days in Happy Guest House with the most entertaining group mates. We also had local tour guides and scrumptious meals there. We attended Chilam Joshi festival and got to experience the Kalashi culture. The views there were breathtaking with glaciers covering the famous Hindu Kush mountain range. The journey was full of adventure which gave us hysterical laughing fits along with some serious life-changing lessons with practical training. It was the trip of a lifetime and I am full of gratitude for winning it.

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Do you like to keep journals? How often do you write? Would love to know your thoughts. If you loved the journal, don’t forget to leave your comments below. Have a nice day.
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