Finally sharing the recipe for the most requested Cheese Parathas. This paratha is my personal favourite learned from my Mama. It’s perfect for breakfast or Sehri. Some people like to add spices to cheese but I like it as it is.

I’m sure you and your kids will love it. Do try it and let me know how they turned out. FAQs are shared at the bottom of the post.


  • 4-5 cups of Ata
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 tsp cooking oil
  • Shredded Cheddar or Mozzarella Cheese
  • Extra Ata in a lunch box
  • Butter/Desi ghee


  • In a food processor, put Ata, salt, 1 cup water & cooking oil (optional).
  • Close the food processor
  • Turn it on and while its on, gradually pour more water into it
  • Keep noticing the texture. The moment it starts to turn into a dough and starts to revolve around, stop adding water.
  • Once the dough turns into a ball and circles around. It is done
  • The following two videos show exactly when its done
  • Once done, put the dough in a lunch box which can be stored in the fridge up to 2 days
  • Clean the counter surface where you will be making Parathas. I recommend using Homemade DIY Kitchen Cleaner as kitchen counters must be chemical free
  • Turn the stove on between low & medium heat and put a Tawa or Frying pan on it
  • I like to keep long nails and not get my hands dirty so I use latex gloves while making Parathas/Rotis. You may use your hands if you like
  • Pinch a small ball from the dough
  • Roll it between your palms
  • Flatten and dust with the dry Ata
  • With a rolling pin, flatten it while turning its sides to keep it round
  • Keep dusting more Ata whenever it sticks to the counter
  • Once rolled as much as a Roti, spread very little Desi Ghee and put shredded cheese in the center.
  • Now fold both sides of Paratha on top of the Cheese as shown in the picture below
  • Now spread a little more Desi Ghee before folding the top and bottom over as shown in the picture below
  • Be careful to fold tightly so Cheese is stuffed inside and is closed from all sides
  • Now dust more flour on all sides of stuffed Paratha before you start flattening it again using the rolling pin
  • To keep shape square, try flattening from both sides lightly
  • When cheese is stuffed, use rolling pin gently as the Paratha can easily tear
  • Use Ata as dust whenever required and flatten it as much as possible
  • Put Desi Ghee/Butter on the hot pan
  • Once Paratha looks like the following, (You can try a better shape too :), you can place it in the hot pan.
  • Rotate the paratha and turn it over so all Butter/ghee is spread evenly on it
  • You may start to see cheese in some of its parts as its melting
  • Use the spatula to press the corners so heat is spread across the Paratha evenly
  • We like to keep our Parathas a light golden colour
  • You can cook it up to your liking


  • Cheese Parathas are best served with Eggs and Milk

His Reaction

When I made Cheese Parathas for Haaris the first time, here was his reaction.


1.Where did this recipe come from?

The recipe is my mom Shireen Gheba Najib’s. She has a book named ‘Fun Cook Book’ available in Ferozsons Bookstore across Pakistan.

2. Which Ata brand do you use?

The Ata brand we got here is called: Swarna

3. Which food processor brand do you have?

The food processor brand we have is: Hamilton Beach

4. Since when have you been making Cheese Parathas?

I have been making cheese parathas since 2011 only when I lived in UK and Canada


Do try this recipe and let me know if you love it too.

Ever since I started my own Digital Marketing Business, its hard for me to take out as much time for the blog but because you guys requested for this recipe so much, I made sure I took out time for it. Would love your comments below.

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