Ehd-e-wafa Drama Review

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I really really enjoyed watching this masterpiece. Following are some reasons why: ⁠

📺 I loved how there were so many different stories, themes and ideas in this untraditional drama. It wasn’t just a romantic or saas-bahu drama. It had a lot going on. Way closer to reality. ⁠

📺 I absolutely loved that just like real life, some characters were gray. Osman Khalid Butt’s character Shahzain was written so well. He was genuinely a good person but behaved badly many times in his life.⁠

📺 It touched a chord so many times. Some parts of the drama were hilarious, others sad, emotional or really touching. ⁠

📺 I loved that the dramas’ main theme was friendship. It was the perfect reminder that these special bonds play a vital role in wellbeing in life. ⁠

📺 I loved how women’s characters were strong and career-driven, unlike many dramas where they’re just wives/daughters or sisters with no profession/hobbies.⁠

📺 Each character in the drama was played brilliantly. My favorite character was Rani. She was too cute. Loved her full-of-life and funny character. Also loved how she took a stand against her own family for her husband. My 2nd most fav character was Saads friend Gulzar. So funny & cute. ⁠

📺 My favorite dialogues were: ⁠
1. By Rani to Shahzain: Ap ko bhi mubarak ho k ap mere pass hain when Shazain was congratulating her on passing her exams 😂 ⁠
2. When Army officer told Gulzar to speak in Urdu as I’m so passionate about Urdu language. ⁠
3. When Gulzar translated in English ‘The chair did the choo 😂⁠
4. When gulzar said something like they’re being treated worse than donkeys. 🤣 (Please remind me the exact line)⁠

📺 Even though they almost killed Ahad who played Saad, I’m soooo happy that they saved him in the end. I’m not a fan of sad endings. Alls well that ends well. So happy he didn’t die 😍⁠

What an entertaining drama. Three cheers for the team. Hip Hip Hooray! 😍⁠

How did you like the drama?⁠
Who was your favorite character?⁠
What did you like the most in it?⁠

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