Bored of the same look of your living room? Are you feeling sleepy at home before its bedtime? Looking for ideas to dazzle up your home?

One of the best ways to add charm to your home is by keeping it as natural as possible. Many home decor tips that I’m sharing today are about keeping it as real as possible. The rest of the tips involve art and color.

Sharing my favourite ways to spruce up any living area along with pictures and links.

1. Be artsy with a gallery wall

A gallery wall is an art display on your wall. It is a great way to get stuff out of your way by hanging it all in one place. Its an organized way to display art that you love.

A gallery wall can include:

  • Paintings
  • Pictures
  • Figures
  • Masks
  • Mirrors
  • Things (bottles, bulbs, DIYs, be creative. Sky is the limit) Anything you find artistic.

You can hang art in any of the following ways:

  • Nails
  • Tape
  • Sticky adhesive

I love all unique and memorable pieces on my gallery wall. I wouldn’t buy from the store. I would either paint myself, buy from a holiday, have a family member or friend make it for me so each piece is special and has a little story to tell.

Following are some of my art walls:

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New month Mubarak everyone. Yaay for the pay!🤩 Sharing some pictures from our room in Lahore. I can’t wait for all my paintings to get here. One of my sad realities: wherever I go in my life, my stuff is stuck in some other country 😂 Lol. Itni dafa esa hua par phir bhi cheezein yaad kyun ati hain? Hum bar bar cheezon mein dil kyun laga lete hain? Many times in life I have lost all my luggage. The best thing I took ahead with me was the realization that I survived WELL without all of those. Mashallah. Do we forget that one day we all have to part with all our worldly possessions? 😏 #mypaintings #nadiyapaints #worldlyposessions #nadiyapaints #diyprojects #pakistaniblogger #instablogger #desiblogger#pakistanibloggers #acrylicpainting #acrylicpaints #lifestyleblogger #indianblogger

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There are many ways you can hang art. Following are some formats you can choose from:

2. Go wild with tree branches

I learned this from my mom. Whenever we were out on a walk in a jungle, she would invariably find a branch (or two) and ask us to carry it home with us. Then she would find a home for it in our lounge.

I think it gives a great natural feel to your living space. You can also decorate it with fairy lights, hang ribbons etc from it. You can either place it in a vase or hang it up on your wall. Following are some ideas for inspiration:

3. Breathe with plants & flowers

Plants instantly boost any living area. They add color and a natural, healthy vibe.

Of course, real plants are the best option. But if you are like me and do not possess the capability, time or patience required to maintain real plants, you can also go for artificial ones. I think they’re worth it. I’ve recently bought some really cute ones and plan to get some more to spruce up our new apartment.

I love faux flowers in vases too. See the following for inspiration:

4. Be real with natural light #nofilter

Can’t stress enough that natural light makes all the difference. If you’re choosing a house, go for the one with huge windows. Natural light lifts up your mood, brightens up your home and saves light electricity.

Light, transparent/translucent curtains are preferable for the living room so natural light can come in as much as possible.

I can’t stress enough: Please please draw your curtains during daytime so you get as much natural light in your home as possible. You will see its positive effects in your home and on your folks.

5. Reflect optimism with mirrors

A mirror is another must-have item in your living room. Consider full-length (based on your need and space size). If you can’t afford to buy one, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to look for such items. We got ours from there too. Later spray-painted it to spruce it up. This article will explain more about the placement of mirrors. Here is more about mirrors and Fengshui.

6. Create magic with fairy lights

These are one of my all-time favorite things in the world. Fairy lights can make any place twinkle with their magic and charm.

A few ideas where you can place your fairy lights:

  • Over your bed
  • On your balcony fence
  • On a mirror
  • Inside a transparent bottle
  • Over an entrance door
  • Hang photos on them
  • In your garden
  • On your trees/plants

Here is how you can use fairy lights in different ways in your home.

7. Chillax on sexy sofas

I like neutral colored couches but bold colors can really spice up your living room. Being bold through your couch can add character to your home.

Wayfair has some great options for colored couches if you’re interested.

These days I’ve flipped on rocking chairs. They’re almost like sofas as they’re comfortable chairs. Here’s the one my heart is set on these days. Pray I buy it soon 🙂

8. Define your style with ravishing rugs

A rug can really make a difference in your living space. It defines your style and sets the stage of your home.

9. Feel comfy with cute cushion covers & throws

One of my favourite ways to decorate is to invest in feel-good accesorries in your living room. Whether your style is simplistic, minimalistic, funky or bright, accessorizing will add those finishing touches to your home.

10. Relive your fun family moments with a digital photo frame

A digital photo frame has been one of my favourite things in the living room. The best part is that you don’t have to keep developing your recent photos. You can simply add new pictures in a USB and slideshow all your best memories in your home.

We got our first one 15 years ago and since then I’ve been a fan and have had 3. I got my current brand new one (Insignia brand) from Facebook Marketplace for 1/7th of the price. It’s a must-have for your living space.

11. Kiss the sun rays with a disco ball

The moment I saw it at my sisters place, I was sold completely. This adds charm to your living room instantly on a sunny day. It brings hundreds of drops of the sun into your home. Here is the link for the one I have.

12. Bring on the night with disco lights/ball

These lights will provide you with that perfect disco mahol and cheer up your nights. It’s great for partying and family dance or workout sessions. It will add excitement into your living room and lives.

Here is the link on Amazon for the one I have.

More Inspiring photos

I saved living room decor inspiration photos on my living room decor board on Pinterest. Please take a look for more mind-blowing ideas to light up your home.

End notes

Enjoyed reading this post? If yes, please take a moment to comment below.

Are any of the above tips your favourite too? What are your most favourite decor items? I would love to know.

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