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If you’ve been playing a sport with other people casually and have all been gradually getting better, there may come a point when you consider starting your own team. But just what does it take to start a sports team? This post delves into some of the important things to consider when setting up your team.

Assemble the right players

Many sports teams are started with friends, but you need to consider who is really going to be a valuable asset to your team if you truly want to win. This could involve having to be brutally honest with people who you think are not up to the mark. It’s also important to consider who is likely to be committed. Be wary of people who are always quick to drop hobbies, as they may not last long in your team.  If you don’t already know enough people to join your team, you could host some try-outs to find worthy new members. You can advertise these try-outs on social media or through posters. 

Create a team brand

Next, you need to establish a brand for your team. The first step should be to come up with a suitable team name. Think of a name that will stand out from other teams and that describes your shared values. You should then consider designing a logo and potentially a kit for your team. There are sites where you can design a rugby kit or another sports kit and order as many copies as you need. When coming up with a name and kit, get the whole team involved so that everyone is happy with it. 

Understand league joining requirements

To play in an official league, there may be certain requirements that you need to meet. With most small local leagues, these requirements are fairly basic. You’ll usually need a certain number of players who are free to play on certain scheduled dates. In some cases, a fee may be required to join the league. If there are multiple levels of league, you will usually have to start in the bottom league and then work your way up.

Create a training schedule

It’s important that you regularly train together. This will help you all to hone your skills and maintain camaraderie. Find a time each week that is suitable for everyone to get together. This is likely to be an evening or a weekend. It’s possible you may be able to meet up more than once per week, but this generally requires everyone to be very committed.

Improve your coaching skills

Are you going to be the coach of your team? If so, having good coaching skills could be important. This involves being good at motivating people and helping to bring out the best in each player within your team. There are guides online that can help you pick up coaching tricks. This could include trying out new training exercises to hone skills in certain areas and learning ways to keep people positive.

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