Love me not for the clothes I wear
Neither my eyes nor my hair
Love me not for my hands or face
Nor for some comely grace

Love me not for my worth or money
If that’s what you want, don’t you dare love me
Don’t let your heart slip for me
I’m not only what your eyes can see

Don’t you claim to love me and take a step that bold
I am the flask that no one dares to hold
Don’t you ever cry for me I’m not worth your tears
Don’t you seek refuge in me; I’ll only double your fears

Plan to play games with me? Better know that it’s my turn
Don’t try to unfold me; my flames are bound to burn
Don’t try to entrap me I am the knife that cuts
My stubbornness will blow you over and my temper sucks

That image that you think is me
Is only a deception of what you see
Those eyes that you think are true
Are as devious as the sea so blue

But if in spite of all these facts, you’re ready to sin
Then give it your best shot, and I’ll let you win

By Nadiya Najib
Written around 2006
Photo from Sri Lanka Tea Gardens

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