The frightful trees are shrugging at me

The arctic breeze is calling my name

The gothic silhouettes are wrapping me in

This city just doesn’t feel the same


The street lights are blinding me

The gothic-style edifice is forbidding

My heart beat is thrashing me down my chest

On this frozen earth, my feet are skidding

May be I am in some other century

In another time and space

These roads are so foreign

There is not one familiar face

No matter how much I try to recognize them

I just do not understand

The reason for their amusement and yelling

Confused and clueless, I stand

This frightful gothic city

With the gloomiest hue

Where exactly am I?

Would they be having a clue?

Where are they rushing to?

Is this some kind of contest?

I find myself running too

While I utter muffled words of protest

Abruptly they all are camouflaged

I wonder if they all have reached their abode

It hits me that I am no longer the one following

I am the one being followed

I experience the forts closing in on me

I can feel being chased by the unknown

I have to be sturdy now

It will get worse if I scream or moan

I can see the shadows moving behind me

When I run in this deceitful maze

When I halt and turn to see

Frozen they stand, and I’m dazed

When I go further ahead

The places are obscene

When I retreat my footsteps

It’s a world I’ve never seen

The rain falls hammering down

My throat wounds from being sore

The rain turns into a blizzard

To laugh at my misery even more

My eyes show me illusions which I’ve never seen

My ears haunt me with sounds I have never heard

I do not trust my tricking senses any longer

What’s real, what is not; there is no final word

Maybe it is all my mistake

Choosing this land over mine was wrong

No matter how much I pretend

This is not where I belong

I shiver, I wobble, I plead

And waste those worthless tears

With trembling lips, frozen fingers and frantic cries

I try to be calm so no one hears

Exhausted to the core; Running towards nowhere

My aching legs cannot take my burden anymore

Crying hysterically I stumble on the ground

Down on my knees, to Him I implore

Finally help came my way

One familiar face turned my life around

I couldn’t believe my eyes

I couldn’t believe it was you I found

You make my world worth living

You are everything that my sanity needs

It is only you that I want in this world and the next

Without you my soul bleeds

I’m crying in pain and ecstasy

He is whispering words of comfort

He presses me to his chest

And kisses away all the hurt

I know we are in the right place

I know I belong right here with you

Doesn’t matter how cruel this world is

As long as I have you to come home to

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