I wrote this poem in July 2005 when I was doing my bachelours. It is on the exploitation of married women (abusive marriages).

Quietly in the lonely nights

She lingers for him for hours

Breathing in, the gloomy nights

Staring at the clock ticking

Dreams of his warmth

She waits!

Time and time again, she suspects him

But he assures her with his false promises

Her soul is boosted again

She lives in a fantasy world

He hums her to sleep

She smiles!

Next season her curiosity again awakens

She inquires him to please open up

He shuns and threatens her

She can’t believe that she’s been living on a lie

She thrusts herself to sleep

She’s hurt!

Time goes by and finally it’s obvious

She can’t believe she was the last to know

Tears roll down her eyes,

As her tomorrows shatter into yesterday

All those cherished moments turn into grimy ashes

She cries!

She urges to stand strong, to face reality and him

And utters the words that her tears forced her to say

He exploits her, he humiliates her

He beats and he abuses her

She looks up to him and knows he’s stronger

She’s lost!

Finally she decides to fix her broken pieces and home

Mastering up courage, trying to put them together

Thinks that she will sort things out with him

She walks up to him, and sees her with him

She’s shattered, she’s lifeless, she’s devastated

She’s broken!

Ignited, petrified and impassive,

She holds on to her wrecked pieces

She desperately requests him for her last hope

She asks him, she pleads, she begs

He beats, he thrashes, and he chucks her out

She leaves!

She still waits for one impossible moment

She still lives upon a false hope

She has lost her body, heart and soul

She has lost her beauty, guts and courage

She has lost her expectations, trust and optimism

 And yet, she lives!

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