I silently diffuse into the mist
Where there is no soul in sight
It’s twenty past the midnight
Will I ever come to light?

Too many dreams are unlived
Too many words need a rhyme
Scattered are a zillion thoughts
What’s killing me is only time

They say time is eternal
Yet it waits for no one
I know I’ll never walk this road again
What is done cannot be undone

I’ve already thought this over
And done all I could to comprehend
I’ve lost all signs of reason now
I’m dying to know the end

Anxious and lost I stand
Will I ever know which way to choose?
I have to take my pick now
But I cannot afford to lose

Will I find the path to success?
What if I make a mistake?
Will I ever live my dreams?
There is just too much at stake

Too many choices stab me
as I am taken aback

I’m jittery, I’m fretful
A decision is what I lack

I decide to push every thought aside
only my instincts, I will obey
I’m lost in my emptiness
as the night slowly fades me away

Written in March 2008
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4 Replies to “Proposals”

  1. Life really is very hard at times and we really don't know which decision to make. You can not possibly know which deicion will be right until you have walked the road. After that sometimes you cant come back. I hope your decision was the right one…. Great expression! thanks for sharing.

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