I find myself struggling with gift ideas every time my loved ones’ big day is near; like their birthdays & anniversaries. So I decided to create this list to help us in the future. I love promoting small businesses and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for that too.


This is not a sponsored post. I wrote it voluntarily for brands that I personally like. If you think I should add any brands that you like, please feel free to share them with me. But I will only share them here on my blog if I love them too.


Beautiful eastern jewellery makes a lovely gift. Following are some brands that I like:


A nice piece of meaningful jewelry. Following are some of my favourite pieces from their collection:


They have pretty good jewelry items like customized name necklaces & anklets, Allah necklaces & Laillaha necklaces.


A posh piece of jewelry from Nominal:
Ayatul Kursi necklace.

Jewel Treasury

I love their jewelry. Some of them are really nice pieces. I like this, this and this.

Farahs Jewelry

Some of their pieces are nice too.

Zamarut Jewel

I love some of their earrings esp jhumka style.

Saaj by G

I like some of their statement earrings like this one.


I think a smart watch is a great gift. This is the one that I have and love. So I bought one for my younger sister as a gift too.


They have a beautiful yet simple collection of watches.

Family Portrait/Art for home

Dhaga Art

Family portrait embroidered hoop from this amazing businesswoman like this and this.

A Pakistan embroidry like this.

A cityscape of where they live like this, this, this or this.

Threaded with Fur

Really cute family picture portrait cross stitch for their home like this, this or this:

Illustrations by Stephanie Anne

A framed family portrait illustration makes a perfect gift for your loved ones to put up in their home. I love her family illustrations and she made a really cute one for our family that’s framed in our home.


Skin Deva

I’ve tried two of their face serums this and this and they both make my face feel soft.


Recently, (specially since Covid), I have been gifting my loved ones satin PJs from Ali Express. They make beautiful, comfortable and comforting gifts that they can quarantine with.

Simple Trends by SM

I find all their clothes really pretty and from recognized designers in Pakistan. You can send her a nice formal desi 3 piece suits like like this, this or this one.


Some really nice semi-formals especially silk.

Jamiyaz Clothing

Desi Wardrobe Cleanout

Nice recycled clothes.


Some of their clothes are really nice.

Home items

Its always a good idea to gift home items to your loved ones so the whole family can benefit from them.

Urban truck art

Gorgeous and colorful truck-art Pakistani handicrafts can be bought from here.


This company makes multiple products made in Pakistan. Their motto is to value the artisans. Many of their crafts are handmade by original artisans (Kashmiris). Washable & colorfast. made by original artisans. They have some pretty desi accessories like a table runner, table mat,
lamp, Roti basket, tea cozy set etc.

Kids stuff


They make really cute stuff for newborns, babies and toddlers. Nyra loved wearing their toddler sneakers. Too cute.

Noor and noah

They make cute mom and me type shirts & hoodies. Their blankets are really nice too.


Books make excellent gifts. Here is a list of my most favourite books. A book can make a lovely gift.

Gift Card

Gift Karte

You can send any loved one in Pakistan a gift card using this website.

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Here is my sister’s article on gift-giving, something she is really passionate about.

Have you got any favourite gift ideas that you’d like to share with me? I would love to know in the comments below. Thanks for your time.

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  1. Great ideas regarding gifts since it is considered a sunnah. Really loved your sisters article about how your mom does it.(MA)
    Would definitely check this one out when gifting someone something!


    1. Sure. all the best.

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