My dearest Bheni, life coach, business mentor, therapist, counselor, advisor, savior, creative influencer, an inspiration for ideas and best friend, Nataliya.

You had given Nyra and me your perfect birthday present which was a flight ticket to visit you in Seattle. We had been planning it for months. I was so excited to spend your birthday together. Unfortunately, Covid-19 didn’t let that happen. However, we realize that meeting in good times is more important than meeting now. So here is my virtual wish:

Happy birthday my precious!

I cannot explain in words what your role in my life is and has been. You have always been one of the most important persons in my life.

Things I love the most about you

1- YOUR EMPATHY for those you love. You are really concerned about your family and are always there for them (despite the distance).

2- How you INSPIRE ME: You are my go-to person when it comes to motivating myself to do anything.

3- You are my CREATIVITY GURU: You are the best person to trigger my creative self. You have the ability to change my completely uninspired self to highly motivated creative artist only through one conversation. You are the reason I started my blog. One of the best things I ever did.

4- Your ability to PLAN AHEAD and inspire me to do so too. You always remind me of upcoming events/circumstances and suggest what direction I should take.

5- You boost my SELF CONFIDENCE: Knowing your knowledge and wisdom when you approve my ideas, I get the perfect boost of self-confidence to go ahead with it.

6- YOUR WISDOM: Thanks to the million books you’ve read since you were a child, you are so wise.

7- TECHNICALLY ADVANCED: I love how you always know the right technical tools to resolve personal and professional issues.

8- Your gift of QUALITY TIME: You’ve always been very generous with giving me the gift of quality time with you.

9- GREAT LISTENER: I love how you are the only person in my whole life who knows everything in my life. I can talk to you about anything and you already know what I went through, who my friends were, where I was and what I did. I don’t have to explain. You connect the dots yourself.

10- YOUR SENSE OF FASHION/DESIGN IS HEARTENING: Your home, website, handwriting and wardrobe depict a unique style that is so attractive.

11- You are SO PASSIONATE about what you do. The way your eyes sparkle when you talk about everything you are passionate about makes the other person fall in love with your interests too.

12- I can BLINDLY FOLLOW YOU: Whichever book, drama, show, hobby, website, app, widget you recommend is always exactly what I needed. Your recommendations are 100% on point.

13- You are NON-JUDGEMENTAL: I feel like I can share anything with you and you wont hate me for it.

14- You SOLVE MY PROBLEMS: Since you’re so empathetic, you consider my problems like your own and suggest solutions that mostly work.

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15- You are really FUN LOVING: You try to find the joys in everyday life. You also love planning fun things in life. Whenever you hear me going through stress, you encourage me to add fun stimulating parts in my life.

16- Your SPIRITUALITY is inspiring: I love your weekly ritual of attending Quranic tafseer classes to keep your spirituality alive. You make a continuous effort to learn more about becoming a better human being through religious understanding.

17- You have always been THERE FOR ME: When I look back at my life, you have been one of my strongest pillars in the hardest times. Your support has meant the world in my trying times.

18- You strive towards keeping a lively, comfortable, and stylish ENVIRONMENT around you. For you, the mahol plays a major role and you create the perfect one around yourself and your loved ones.

You are really one in a million.

You are the only reason I feel everyone deserves a sister. My life has been so much brighter with you in it. I cannot begin to imagine how it would be without you. You are really precious and May Allah always keep you happy and healthy… Always!

I love you Trillian.

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