Last Stop in the Capital – A Photo Tour

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When I found out that we have to leave for Canada for good, I planned it so that I spent 3 weeks in Islamabad from 20th of March to 4th of April 2018 after resigning from my job. These three weeks were just phenomenal when I had the time of my life thanks to my family and friends.

Since we all knew that this is my last visit to Islamabad in a really long time, we really made the most of it. I had conveyed my plan to my family and friends in Islamabad way earlier so they all were as excited as I was. This post is just a round-up of this delightful trip in Islamabad. Here we go:

  1. Drive to Islamabad from Lahore with bestie Aiza. Stop over at Hiran Minar

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MINI TRAVEL SERIES: Hiran Minar. Swipe right to see more. So we three (Aiza, me and Atif Aslam) were singing on the motorway from Lahore to Islamabad in my car full of luggage. Suddenly, we saw the board leading to Hiran Minar. We knew this was our last chance of seeing this place as I’m leaving Lahore soon. We both looked at each other with a twinkle in our eyes and exclaimed ‘Let’s go!’😍. We got really excited and turned the steering wheel towards Sheikhupura. Spontaneous plans are the best. We had the time of our lives there. Check out the #LINKINPROFILE #lahore #sheikhupura #hiranminar #nadiyaroams #traveldiaries #discoverpakistan #travelholic #tourismpakistan #explorepakistan #traveladdict #travelnow #weekendgetaway #travels #travelseries #amazingpakistan #instapaki #pakistani #desi #desitraveler #travelblogger #enjoylife #natgeotravel #pakistanipics #pakistaniblogger #travelpakistan #sairkaro #highlyrecommended

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2. Last day in head office. Meeting my Isb office colleagues. Lunch out. Cake party for me from boss

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Emotional last day at work: Yesterday, on the 20th of March 2017, it was my last day in our head-office Islamabad where I had to get my clearance done. While I was busy with some last minute emails, I got a call from HR Manager asking me names of all my friends and co-workers in this office. I thought he might be needing the names for some appraisal forms. A few minutes later, I was called to the conference room and was pleasantly surprised to see our country manager and all my friends with a big chocolate mousse cake. They had specially arranged a cake party on my last day at @broadpeaktechnologies The COO said I have been an asset for the company and he wishes I could stay longer. He told everyone that I have been doing a brilliant job and have created a buzz in IT industry due to my social media efforts. I felt emotional and felt tears in my eyes. It is such a big blessing when your boss appreciates your work. You feel valued. I really had a free hand while working here and enjoyed my time like no workplace before in my 11 years of professional experience. A colleague friend of mine was taking us out for lunch so I asked him where he’s taking us. He replied ‘park nearby’. I was a bit disappointed and asked him if we’re supposed to hunt for birds there?😜We called our other ex-colleague also and we all went to the park. I was excited to see a khokha there where he ordered Aloo/Keema parathas, fries and tea. The weather was pleasant and we had so much fun. In the end before leaving, I spent a few minutes with all my friends in different departments. We had interesting discussions before heading home. If you work in a good company, with intellectual and friendly people, it really feels like home. I am emotional these days as I just said my goodbyes to them. Today I am sharing a few pictures from yesterday. Thank you all for making my day! Hoping to keep in touch with you… always. #goodbyesarehard #Ihategoodbyes #ilovemyoffice#whydoallgoodthingscometoanend #lastdayatwork #emotionalday#feelinghonored #broadpeak #broadpeaktechnologies #ilovemywork#lovemyoffice #lastday #career #worklifebalance #ihavetoquit#resign #emotionaltimeforme #employ

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4. Family get-together at my Chachi’s most beautiful farm in Chak Shehzad 

5. Trekking trip Trail 6 with my friends. Breakfast in Chayekhana in F-11

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Yesterday, four of my friends and I went on Trail 6 which is the only major trail I hadn’t completed in Islamabad. I went with a couple of my good friends from different workplaces/groups. One was my colleague in my first internship, one was my colleague at my previous job, one colleague from my most recent office and one from my @discoverpak trips. None of them knew each other. I’m happy they got along well from the start of the track. We played London Stop somewhere on the hills, jumped from random rocks and had some fun race-you-to-that moments. The views from the top were gorgeous and the whole experience was amazing. We went to Chayekhana in the end to reward ourselves to Aloo achar parathas, Keema, lassi, juices, Spanish and cheese omelettes. Played Chess there too. Its such a luxury to have fun friends in life! #LINKINPROFILE #trekking #isbtrek #trekkinginislamabad #letsdothis #mountaineers #trekkingpros #exercise #sairkaro #awargiprogram #hiking #tourist #sightseeing #voyage #trek #trailing #marching #wanderlust #strolling #nadiyaroams #wandering #touring #travel #walking #trail

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6. Rawal lake boating and breakfast at roadside khokha

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Mini Travel Series: Rawal Lake. Sharing about my latest rowing experience with some close friends in Islamabad. Here's how we took an inflatable boat to Rawal lake and had a really fun day out! The article link in profile gives you Google pin of this semi-private location so you can drive there with your close ones for the time of your life. We all need a little escape from the city. Tag all those you would love to plan this day out with. 😍#LINKINPROFILE #rawallake #boating #exercise #sairkaro #awargiprogram #hiking #tourist #sightseeing #wanderlust #strolling #nadiyaroams #wandering #touring #travel #boat #kashti #awargi #inflatableboat #rowing #rowrowrowyourboat #lake #rawallake #islamabadthebeautiful #islamabad #isb #isloo #colleagues #excursiontrip #discoverpakistan @maheenamjad05 @sohyaib @discoverpak @saeedashar @skyhighblue77 @nylaafzal_photography @nyla_afzal @ayeshasher

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7. ICAS Class 8th Reunion from 1998 

8. University friends reunion with Sahar at Burning Brownie F-11

9. G9 Reunion at Ali Salman’s Walima in PAFSOM wedding hall 

10. ProMed (my ex-colleagues) meet up in Centauraus

11. ProMed slumber party at G-13 Fatima’s house. Movie night, Telescoping, endless gup shup, hysterical fits and drive to Lok Virsa in the morning

12. Nani nana drive in my car to Second cup for coffee and brownies

13. Lunch at Islamabad Club from Hamdani’s

14. Exclusive lovey dovey moments with the love of my life Muffin in my room

15. Drive to Monal with Waliya and mama

16. Attended mom’s friend’s daughter’s wedding at Aura Grand E-11

17. Lunch at Cheema Chatta & Chaikhana with mama

18. Meeting Aroosa at Juicy Gossip

19. Mom and my drive to Lahore. Stopover at McDonalds Bhera and lunch stop in Lahore at Yum, Gulberg

Other plans 

20. Our relatives Shandi at Aura grande

21. Munaza aunty’s house with Haaris and his mom

22. Seema aunty Iftikhar and Zahra meet up

23. Spiritually enlightening Meeting with Mahjabeen aunty

24. Family get-together at home Shehnaz chachi, Ata bhai, Junaid bhai, Amena apa

25. Maheen and Aiza meet up at Juicy gossip

26. Condolences at Sehrish’s place in DHA for her father

27. Aiza, Ayesha & Asad reunion

28. Nani nana quality conversations

29. Aroosa meet up in Habib Metro Bank E-11

30. Two trips to Roshan’s house

31. Sneaking off at 11:30 pm to a rooftop party at Ashar, Sana’s place

32. Uncle Hamdani’s place for visiting twice

33. Met Maami Ayesha from Dubai

These three weeks were the highlight of my entire stay in Pakistan for the last 6 years. Had the best time of my life. Thank you for all those who played a part in making my visit the best ever… I’ve got some golden moments to cherish!

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  1. Thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

    1. Nadiya Najib says:


  2. Loved this post. The time just flew by so fast when you came. It was literally a whirlwind. I’m so glad you have put it all together so we all can enjoy it later on too, and think, ‘oh so this is how it was!’ Loved every bit of your stay. Remember, you even shifted to your new room, which will be yours when you and Haaris pop in next time. Stay blessed, my precious, where-ever you are! By the way, my eyes were closed in one of the pics. Its all right, I’ve ‘uploaded’ several pics of you all with same issue too! 😉 I can take it. 😉 Love and tight hugs, my jan.

    1. Nadiya Najib says:

      Thank you my mama jaan. Love you so much. Honored to be your daughter and so proud of you. Cant wait for our reunion Inshallah soon you know where 😉 Lovvvvve hugs kisses

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