Sharing a poem I wrote in September 2002 over 17 years ago. I won first prize for this poem on All-Pakistan Valentine’s day Poetry contest in Marriott hotel Islamabad.

Why tell him the feelings that you in yourself, hide

Why disclose the love that you, feel inside

When it’s already exposed, right by his side

Why do you need to hurt your pride?

Let him open up his eyes

And catch your desperate begging stare

Let him open up his heart

And feel the passion that you conceal in there

Let him open up his ears

To the ballads in the silence, that your heart sings

Let him open up his soul

And feel the comfort that your presence brings

If only one could hear the silence

Which tells you the utter truth

No instrument could play that music

No drum, guitar, nor flute

Love needs no language spoken

It needs no expression to reveal

Love is all about passion

It’s every moment, is to feel

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