So many parents these days turn to screens to entertain babies. Sometimes we can run out of ideas of things to do with our babies so I came up with a quick list as there really is so much we can do with them.

List of fun things to do with our babies

  1. Read out books to them.
  2. Play audio Nursery Rhymes for them (make a playlist for them on Spotify/sound cloud).
  3. Take them out for a walk (or to the park).
  4. Play with toys with them.
  5. Ask google home to tell you animal sounds. They’re always intrigued by that.
  6. Play Talking Tom with your babies. They’ll be surprised to see the cat mimicking your sound. Many apps available.
  7. Play ‘cham cham’ with them.
  8. .Tell them funny stories as if you’re talking to your adult friend. I was surprised by Nyras reaction one day when I tried this the first time. She actually listened and reacted with her laughs and exclamations.
  9. Make a bag of toys for them and let them open it.
  10. Take them to the terrace.
  11. Tell them tongue twisters.
  12. Offer them healthy snacks.
  13. Give them your things to play with (unused bag, washed used containers with lids, boxes, pans etc). Make sure they’re safe for them.
  14. Take them out on a drive. Put on your fav and their fav music in turns. They need to learn to respect your music too.
  15. Arrange play-dates regularly with your friends who have babies their age. This is so important for them and us.
  16. Attend age-appropriate library events with them like singing, puppet shows, reading, nursery rhymes etc.
  17. Play Peeka-boo.
  18. Have a dance party with them. I’ve made a dance playlist on Spotify where I have songs like ‘head, shoulders, knees’,’party freeze song’ where we dance together and she loves it.
  19. Take them near windows and point to trees, roads, cars, people, dogs, cats as its important for them to learn and it’s a bonding activity.
  20. Play a game where two of the baby’s favorite stuffies are having a conversation with each other. Try to use terms that baby understands. Another one I play is that one stuffy is obeying my commands. Like I say ‘Come to mama/Nyra’ or ‘lie down, stand up’ and stuffy obeys. Nyra loves this.
  21. A game where you repeat the question: ‘Wheres the ______’ baby or puppy or anything else. And keep looking around till you look at it and say ‘There it/he/she is”. They find it so funny.
  22. Tidying up and cleaning the room and toys area is also a good activity with babies esp when theyre around a year and older. They feel involved in the process and get busy quickly.

Please let me know what else you do with your babies? Would love your ideas.


Its true that each baby phase is different. Thats why different things will appeal to your baby in different stages. I didnt want to complicate the article so I leave the decision to your better judgement. My baby is 16 months at the moment and I have done all of the above. Minor changes can be made according to your babys age and development stage.

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  1. I love your posts and instagram stories. My baby is 7 months old and I always searching ideas for her to keep her busy and engaged. Your article is so informative for me. Thankyou

    1. So glad to hear my article helped. Best Regards,

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