Pir Chinasi is a breathtakingly stunning tourist location located 30 kilometers from Muzaffarabad city on the top of hills at an elevation of 2900 meters (9500 ft). The mountain peak has a shrine after which it is named.

Tourists visit this place to get a beautiful break from city life. From PC hotel Muzaffarabad, it is about 1.5 hours’ drive in a local jeep which is hired from there. The drive to the top is very dangerous especially in winters (with snow) so driving in own car is definitely not a good idea.

It was the most dangerous jeep ride of my life.

I asked the driver ‘You must be really experienced” He laughed and replied “Experience can only help you to some extent, the rest is all in Allah’s hands’. He told us that a certain no. of jeeps every year fall off these treacherous cliffs. I got really scared so I dozed off to sleep. 😀 Very few people in the world can relate to my sleeping habits.

We were lucky to find a family doing BBQ up there who offered us to join them. We also found a Nikon camera user who offered to take a few pictures of us.

This day out from PC Muzaffarabad was such a dream!

I would fully recommend you all to make a trip to this exotic place. Muzaffarabad is only roughly 4 hours drive from Islamabad and this day out is convenient from Pearl Continental hotel. Drop me a line if you have been there. What are your fondest memories from there?

What I remember the most from this trip are the misty exotic silhouettes of layers of mountains on our way up. The views from the top were also unbelievable. Sharing some pictures from the trip.

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