I have always been a travel enthusiast and am passionate about exploring new places. Wherever I live, I like to maintain a list of beautiful places to see around my house. So whenever there is a day off or a weekend approaching, we can refresh our soul. Today I will be sharing one of my lists with you. This list doesn’t include places to see inside Islamabad like Monal hilltop, Rawal lake, Lok Virsa etc. The focus today is one day trips around Islamabad city. These are the places I have seen myself.
Places around Islamabad that I have explored
Following are the places that I have seen in order of priority. The first few ones are really a must-see and highly recommended. All these are perfect one day trips as they are close to the capital. You can easily check Google maps for ways to get to some of these places. The rest which include trekking are better with groups as they lead the way. 
1.  Ramkot fort and Mangla Lake
It’s about an hours’ boat ride from Mangla Cantt. So it is better with a group. This trip includes about 15 minutes trekking on stairs leading to the fort. It’s one of the most stunning forts I have seen in my life. It reminded me of Castles I saw in Wales. This one is really beautiful. Mangla Boat ride is also blissful and serene. The water is absolutely clean and dreamy.
2. Panjpeer rocks
It is also a trekking trip. Its located in Kahuta and is better to be explored with a group. It’s breath taking and absolutely exotic and a treat to the eyes. 
3. Khanpur Lake
A beautiful lake and dam which now offers a lot of water sports. This is a must-see for all those who haven’t been here yet.


4. Kund Attock
This is a good picnic spot. This place is known for its fish.
5. Rawat fort (40 mins drive from E-11)
 Its very close to the highway and can easily be accessed by Rawalpindi or Islamabad. A part of it has now been converted into a mosque. This fort is a perfect backdrop for pictures. It’s a small fort and can be seen in a few minutes. 



6. Sajikot
A beautiful waterfall. It can easily be accessed by car. 
7. Mushkpuri top (3 hours trekking trip)
 I went here in winters when it was full of snow. It isn’t recommended to do so in snow as it gets very slippery and is a dangerous trek. This trail is for trekking enthusiasts with scenic beauty. 
8. Kotli satiyan to Patriata (3 hours trekking trip)
This is also a beautiful yet lengthy trek. 
9. Nilan Bhotu (In Margalla Hills, Islamabad)
One has to go here on hired jeeps therefore going here with a group is recommended. The drive is absolutely gorgeous. 

Takht i Bahi Buddhist ruins (2 hr 19 mins from E-11 Islamabad)
Neela Wahan (2 hr, 7 mins from Islamabad)
Would love to know if you’re also interested in seeing new places. Hope these posts help. 
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