Panjpeer Rocks –  April 2015
I have always been a travel enthusiast. I’m happiest when I’m outdoors, close to nature and love sports like tennis because of the same reason. Work is just a part of life. We should make sure it doesn’t become our life. The idea of holidays prevails in the European culture so I learned the importance of excursion trips through life in London. While working our tails off during weekdays, weekends were the perfect break for us. Even if we got two days break, we would Google a resort, book a hotel and just go there to celebrate or relax. Europeans really know how to make the most of the time they have with their loved ones. Now that I’m back, I’m happy to see that the holiday culture is spreading in Pakistan also.
Patriata – September 2014
It is true that nothing can refresh your mind, and lift your mood better than a holiday that takes your breath away. An exotic sunset, sea breeze, sound of the wind through the trees, castle ruins, pouring rain and stunning mountains can soothe you in ways city life can never do. These are the moments that take your breath away and make you forget all the daily blues.   
Sajikot – May 2014

When I moved back to Pakistan two years ago, I thought to myself, there goes all my adventurous spirit as I won’t be able to go and explore new places now. Then one day on Facebook, I came across a group/page called ‘Discover Pakistan’. I have now been to the following one day trips with this group:

Panjpeer Rocks – April 2015
1. Nilan Bhotu
2. Kotli Satliyan to Patriata
3. Sajikot (With Nature Explorers)
4. Panjpeer Rocks
Nilan Bhotu – May 2014
Each one-day trip is organized really well. The price of the event is inclusive of snacks, lunch and logistics. The trip is marketed well in advance on their Facebook page. This includes information about the place, price, weather and meet up point. You need to then fill up a quick form online to register yourself for the trip. That’s when an email is sent to you with a checklist for the trip which is very handy. One doesn’t have to buy membership. All you do is like the page with one click and you start getting notifications on your Home page for the next trip. Each trip has its own cost so you pay as you go.  
Nilan Bhotu – May 2014

One of the best parts about these trips is that that you get to meet a lot of interesting people and make new friends. At this point in life, normally one doesn’t want to open up so easily to strangers. But these trips are different. Every single person on the tour loves trekking and traveling. So with this common interest, there is a lot to talk about. Most of the people who opt for the expedition are also from the educated working class. 


Panjpeer Rocks – April 2015

So far, I have made a lot of friends through this group. The organizers are also good decent men who make you feel comfortable. They give you space in case you want to enjoy the exotic locations on your own (or your book) or prefer to sleep in the coach. In case you like company, there is ample of choice. I met so many girls through this group who regularly go on trips. Earlier, it was unheard-of for a girl to travel by herself, without family.

Nilan Bhotu – May 2014

After exploring Europe, USA, and South-east Asia, I now feel the urge of seeing my own country (northern areas) more than ever before. I know Pakistan is three times the size of United Kingdom which contains three countries itself. Its total area is 796,095 km2 where as England’s total area is only 130,395 km2. We are the 34th largest country in the world in terms of area and are gifted with a 1046 km coastline. We have one of the largest peaks in the world (K2).

Kotli Satiyan to Patriata – September 2014

Hats off to groups like ‘Discover Pakistan’ who have made it possible for us to fulfill our dreams. I can’t wait to go on longer trips and  DiscoverPakistan in the true sense of the word.

Sajikot – May 2014
Kotli Satiyan – September 2014
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