After exploring Europe, far east, USA and middle east, I have been on a mission to explore my own country. I have been stunned by its sheer beauty, the exuberant tones of the mountains, rivers and sea are hypnotising. You have to see it to believe it. Our exotic mountain ranges are no less than the Swiss Alps. Our country is gorgeous beyond words. God has been exceedingly kind to us. Most of the countries do not have all that we have been blessed with. It is really a land of opportunities.

We must take pride in Pakistan. Without this, loyalty cannot exist and we cannot do anything for our country. We must be inspired and motivated which can only happen if we are nationalistic. In order to be patriotic, let’s take a look at the following:

1. Remember the positives

Let us remind ourselves how precious and priceless Pakistan is. The amount of land we have is more than 3 times that of England. We are the 33rd largest country in the world. We have northern highlands which has Hindu Kush range (Karakorum and Himalaya range including 2nd highest mountain in the world K2), plains, forests and beaches. We are lucky to have a range of climate from very hot to very cold. Pakistan has ample water and fuel resources,  agriculture, fishery, mining and forestry.

Our exports are parathas, rotis, rice, oranges, mangos, furniture, cotton fiber, cement, tiles, marble, textiles, leather goods, sport goods, cutlery, surgical instruments, electrical appliances, softwares, carpets, ice-cream, livestock meat, chicken, powdered milk, wheat, seafood (prawns & shrimps), vegetables, defence equipment, salt, engineering goods and many other items.  Like any other country in the world, we have issues too. Our major problems at the moment are water pollution, industrial waste, deforestation, littering, soil erosion and desertification. Major natural calamities in the area include earthquakes, floods and landslides.

2. No ridiculing

The sense of responsibility also comes from a sense of pride which we take in our country. It saddens me to hear countless Pakistanis ridiculing the country at every opportunity they get. What hurts even more is when they themselves give proof of irresponsible citizens. Such people do not have the right to reside in this country. It’s basically what is called ‘Namak Haram’ in Urdu. Eating from the your country and condemning it at the same time.

3. No taunting – Only solution oriented debate

Yes there are 1001 issues in the country and there are issues in every country. Debate focused on solutions and implementation is what we need, not just random jokes against the country. Patriotism is very important for the development of any country. I hate how people here think that abroad is just perfect and Pakistan is just terrible.

4. Focus on pros – Glass half full

Every country has pros and cons. We just need to look at the half glass full or we will find ourselves cribbing all our lives. Let’s put a stop to being critics of everything and start thinking positive.

A message from me

For all those who live in our beloved Pakistan, but always criticize it and find excuses to shift abroad; Please learn to love all that Allah has blessed you with. The life in Pakistan with family and friends is ideal. The children which you would rather raise abroad will have the worldly luxuries but they will be missing out on moments which are far more important for their upbringing, personality and life.

They will be missing out on immeasurable love from their Nani Nana, Dadi Dada (grandparents), Khalas and Mamoos. They will be raised in quiet apartments, not in noisy homes full of giggles, laughter and childhood friends. This life away from loved ones is just a compromise. The passport which we get after years of struggle never changes the fact that we are Pakistani’s from every inch of our being.

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