Let’s Take a Break & Reflect

Sharing some random thoughts from my Instagram posts. Let’s look back and ponder on some subjects like gratitude, kindness, restrictions, challenges and relationships.

Small Talk Versus Deep Intellectual Conversations

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I have never been a fan of small-talk. 'Have you had your tea? Hey you look great today. It's nice and sunny today. Is that jacket new?' Honestly, I really don't care if its old or new. But I do indulge in small talk just to avoid the awkward silence. What I am really fond of are deep intellectual meaningful conversations whether they're with your soulmate, a childhood friend or a complete stranger in the bus! How wounds heal and scars remain. How scars have an effect on our personality. The circle of life. How we all will become kids in the end. Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place? What is true happiness? Do you make your own decisions, or let others make them for you? How does gravity work? Who decides what morality is? What is freedom? Where were people before they were born? Why were you sent in the world. What is the purpose of your life? Is trust more important than love? Is life all a dream? Is there a reason to life? What is beauty? What is time? Sharing a few pictures from Kalash trip today. We traveled together as strangers. But our deep philosophies on life connected us on levels deeper than Bumburet river. We had the time of our lives. #deepintellectualconversations #saynotosmalltalk #nadiyablogs #letstalkdeeper #deepermeaningoflife #philosophies #philosophy #lifelessons #psycology #lifelessons #letsconnect #kalash #bumburet #pakistaniblogger #desiblogger #bloglife

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No Freedom of Speech

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I feel really sad 😩 about being a writer and not being able to speak my mind about certain harsh realities. These things are happening in our society which are crazy and downright wrong. No one has the liberty to even talk about them as one's life can get under threat. They say keeping quiet about them is the only way to stay safe. Sometimes I wonder, what is life without freedom of speech? One cant even talk about injustice due to fear of criminals? I couldnt help myself after hearing the tragic news a month ago and wrote a post about it. Unfortunately due to extreme pressure and I had to revert it. I feel I have a duty in this world to try to help out innocent people but not being able to even write about it makes me miserable.😔 I wish one day this society will know the difference between right and wrong and there will be people who will not be scared for their lives and stand up to save all those in need. Intolerance is the worst thing in any society and I wish we learned to live and let live. #freedomofspeech #freedomtolive #bekind #liveandletlive #stopkillingtheinnocent #nadiyablogs #saynotocrime #speakupagainstabuse #injustice #heartbleeds #freedom #worldpeace #letthembe

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Losing a Father

Meeting new people = Traveling

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So I went to get my eye brows waxed. She asked me what I have planned for the rest of the day. We started talking. I told her I’ll be sleeping as I hadn't slept much due to my fast. She seemed intrigued by fasting and asked me questions about it. She asked me where I’m from and a lot about me. When I replied to her questions, she looked at me and said ‘You know, I’m traveling right now’. 🤔 It turned out she had never been outside Halifax. All her life she had been in one city. I told her I’ve lived in over 25 houses in my life. She was shocked. But I loved how she associated meeting new people to traveling. Talking to people from other countries and learning about them and their culture really is like taking a trip. Would you agree? 😏 #traveling #networking #meeting #meetup #bonding #chatting #talking #lovemeetingnewpeople #friendly #halifaxbloggers #hfxsmiles #hfxlocal

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Thankful for Good Colleagues

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This post is about all the best friends I have found in my colleagues over the years. I have been extremely lucky to find really fun and interesting people at work. Now that I look back, I made so many best friends in office. This post goes out to all those that made my work hours so much happier. Love you all. @kohli.silky @ayeshasher @aroosazaidi @sohyaib @maheenamjad05 @gulraizkhalid @basit2good @madihaar00j My last few months at @broadpeaktechnologies were so enriching and exciting because of you @farzeenbaig. We literally painted the office red. 🏵 (The dartboard behind us.) #career #workplace #colleagues #employees #friends4life #bestfriends #coworkers #dreamteam #nadiyablogs #officelife #workgoals

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Self Talk

Pros of Life in Smaller Cities

Relationship Levels

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This is the first time in our married life (after honeymoon of course) that we are getting some really quality time together. We are actually getting to know each other so much better now. It has been 2.5 years since we became roommates but it’s amazing how many things we just discovered about each other through our random moments from gup shup, intellectual conversations, Table Topics, @monopoly_deal and babbling to uttering complete nonsense. It’s these moments in life that test your relationship. We are literally stuck with each other 24/7 and honestly, we don’t seem to mind it! #Mashallah  P.S. When my eye specialist referred to him as my boyfriend, I didn’t feel the need to check her. #idontmind #boyfriend #soulmate#247partner #roommates #stuckwithyou #partnerincrime #team#couple #twohearts #myoneandonly #hubby

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Thank You Notes

I thought I have been talking about pretty serious issues on my blog recently i.e. mental wellbeing and abuse, so I thought why not share some random relaxing thoughts for a change.

Your opinion matters. I would love to know your thoughts. If you have anything to add to any of these topics, feel free to comment.

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